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Since 2009 NaturePest has been the premier natural pest control Coral Gables Florida trusts. With its beautiful historic homes, tree-lined streets, and exotic landscapes, Coral Gables is also unfortunately a great place for pests.

Older homes have crawl spaces; rodents and large roaches love to nest under the homes. Lush landscapes and heavy shrubbery are breeding grounds for all types of insects. From ants and roaches that infest your home along with fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes (which can attack your pets and transmit diseases) to piercing-sucking insects that attack your plants, trees, and palms (scale, thrips, whiteflies, and aphids that not only damage your landscape but also your patios, driveways, and roofs with sooty mold from the sugary substance they excrete called honeydew).

Lawns are also under attack from chinch bugs, grubs, armyworms, and cutworms. Lawns like St. Augustine also suffer from many diseases at different times of the year.

Our certified integrated pest management practitioners are highly trained to remove your pests with the most advanced methods while reducing your exposure to pesticides and protecting your health from diseases pest spread and from contamination of pesticides.

With our protocols specifically designed for every pest type, we work with bug biology to control pests with gel, liquid, and granular baits that target pests without contaminating the inside of your home, dishes, floors, or air.

For shrubs, palms, and trees we use systemic root drench and injections that apply insecticides to the roots and are taken up through the vascular system to the branches, stems, and leaves; protecting your plants all year long without the need to spray and contaminant your landscape unnecessarily and kill pollinators like bees and beneficial insects that help control pests.

We offer a no-pressure consultation and estimates right over the phone or see our upfront pricing page. We also offer free lawn and garden consultations by university-certified horticultural specialists.

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We also service the city of Cutler Bay