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Nature Pest is your pest control near me local family-owned eco-friendly company serving the residents of Miami Beach Fl with natural and organic compliant pest management utilizing a holistic pest control process to protect beachgoers and their pets from pests and pesticide exposure.

With its sandy beaches, hotels, restaurants, and bars Miami Beach is a tourist hot spot unfortunately its also a pest hotbed, with ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, and bedbugs we have a safer solution for you than cheap spray service.

Ant Control in Miami Beach FL

Small so-called “Sugar ants” in Miami beach homes are the most common pest complaints. Almost half of all pest control problems in Miami Beach are linked to a tiny ant called Ghost ants.
Other common ants are the Crazy ant and the lesser-known big-headed ant commonly confused for a Red Imported Fire Ant.

Our proprietary holistic process allows us to control all major ant species with zero indoor insecticide spray which means no pesticides on little hands or paws.

The Ghost ant is the smallest ant that infests homes in Miami and all of south Florida, they are the most challenging and to control for various reasons. The biggest misconception is that they are sugar-feeding ants only, the ghost ant is an omnivorous ant species feeding on multiple glucose sources, carbohydrates, proteins, and oils.

They flourish in busy environments with constant disturbances such as mowing the lawn, something as routinary as opening a closing a cabinet door causing them to move and multiply. Since they make numerous nests with multiple queens and collaborate among themselves in a network-like fashion, they can make a nest behind your outlets, cabinet doors and in your coffee maker, then make a trail outside behind the gutter and on and so on.

The Bigheaded ant is one that that can make mega colonies up to 30 miles long, when they invade your Miami Beach neighborhood, every home will eventually have a big-headed ant infestation, one-time spray services do little to control the problem, you will need an ongoing pest management service.

The Big-headed ant normally will nest in the ground, since they do not make mounds like the fire ant, homeowners do not realize they have thousands of nests beneath their lawn. They make their way in through holes and cracks in the foundations of the home like how termites get in.

Ant Baits are the safest top choice when performing a BHA control service because they are omnivorous, they can survive by eating proteins from dead insects like beetle and roaches, including devouring a dead animal like a bird or rodent. This makes control extremely difficult even for experienced experts since we must change our baits all the time and use only non-repellent liquid insecticide barrier applications on a regular basis.

The Crazy ant specifically the longhorn crazy ant is a prevalent ant pest species in Miami Beach and all of Florida, the crazy ant is an easy-to-control ant with baits.

During its mating season, they will generate wings and fly getting into homes through old, damaged windows and doors.

The Carpenter ant is also a concern, but they are not a major pest concern since carpenter ants do not eat wood nor do they cause damage to the home, however they are a sign that your home has had a termite problem and or a water damage problem, the Carpenter ant invades existing damaged wood and clean out the termite galleries in order to make their nest, there are could be two nests, the main nest and the satellite nest in your home.

Locating a Carpenter ant nest can be very difficult since carpenter ants usually do not forage for food in during the day, they mainly come out to feed in the evening after sundown, the nests can be in the attic, door frame, or in an exterior wall. The way to locate the nest is to observe after sundown for up to 1 to 3 hours where you observe where they are coming in and out, this will make the treatment easier where we can just inject the suspected nest site, however, if this is too difficult, we can send a technician after hours for you. We use combination baits in liquid, gel, and granular form along with an exterior perimeter spray treatment with a non-repellent insecticide so we can control carpenter ants.

There are two species of carpenter ants in Florida, the Florida Carpenter Ants also known as the bull ant, and the Tortugas Carpenter ant. When they are mating, they will produce wings and fly sometimes around the same time as Termites confusing people into thinking they have termites.

Roach control In Miami Beach Fl

There are three main types of cockroaches in Miami Beach that usually get into beach homes. The American cockroach, the related Australian cockroach, and the German cockroach.
American and Australian roaches are often referred to as palmetto bugs or Palmetto roach or giant roaches with wings that fly! These are your general large roaches.

The American cockroach is the biggest roach that invades homes, they are what is known as a peridomestic roach because it can live inside and outside structures, unlike the distant cousin the German Cockroach which is purely a domestic cockroach meaning it can only subsist indoors it cannot survive outdoors.

American roaches get inside your home from the exterior through holes and cracks. The long-term natural pest control solution is exclusion pest proofing the home, repairing and sealing the home from large cracks and crevices especially holes that lead to your attic, homes that have a septic tank and crawl spaces are more prone to large roaches and rodents, also through the garage since most garage doors do not seal completely.

Because thousands can breed in your septic tank they get in every time your drain traps dry out, so therefore you seed dead and live roaches when you come back from a vacation. Here is a tip: if you leave for more than a couple of days seal all the drains and overflow holes. Crawl spaces are infamous for American and Australian roaches, they will get in through damaged or missing crawl space vents and doors. Parth of exterminating them includes an exclusion pest-proofing service making new custom vents and doors will greatly reduce large roach infestations. Both the American and Australian roach can produce an egg capsule that can hatch and give birth to 12 to 16 roaches at a time in about 1 month to 6 weeks. They are the longest-living roach too, living on average 2.73 years, it takes 600 days from egg to adult so if you’re seeing in all sizes this is an indication that the problem has been going on longer than you think.

German cockroaches in Miami Beach Fl

The German cockroach does not live outdoors, it is brought into your home via a store bag, shipping box, or used furniture and appliances, your home can be spotless, and yet you can still experience a German cockroach infestation.

Whether staying at a hotel on Deco Drive or an apartment on Harding Ave or a Luxury High Rise Condo on Collins eventually you will have a German Roach experience.

The most common way these days is shipping boxes, the number of German cockroach complaints have gone up significantly since the covid pandemic due to the amount of online order, (the chain of custody) and the IPM Integrated Pest Management from every stop along the way from manufactures, to shipping container across the world from China, to shipping companies in the US, then to multiple distribution centers to the delivery truck, to your home make that box a roach motel for German cockroaches, you receive the box lie it on your counter and leave it there for days and weeks, while the cockroach climbs out into your kitchen cabinets.

Things to avoid when you experience a German roach problem, Do not sprinkle any dust all over the place even if it’s natural, do not throw roach pellets all over the place, do not buy over-the-counter roach gel and apply it everywhere like its roach caulk, do not apply over the counter spray, and please never ever buy fog bomb this will make the problem worse by triggering them to hide because they detect the insecticide. Roach extermination requires a holistic approach, not a simple spray service.

Mosquito Control In Miami Beach

The 2 main backyard breeding mosquitoes that we deal with all the time, are Aedes Aegypti the yellow fever mosquito, and Aedes Albopictus the Asian Tiger Mosquito. Both are aggressive day-biting mosquitos, control of one of these two species can be very difficult due to the fact that they may be breeding somewhere else other than on your property, your next-door neighbor may have planted bromeliads that hold water, or potted plants that hold water, storm drains within 100 feet of your home breeding mosquitoes, which you must call 311 mosquito control and have the county treat the storm drains for mosquito larvae since this is the city or county property we cannot treat them.

The key to natural mosquito control is locating and eliminating mosquito breeding sites. A personalized mosquito control program is required to give you the best possible experience. Spraying once a month is not going to give you the control you expect, you may need a 14-to-21-day spray service with a combination of synthetic pyrethroid insecticide with an insect growth regulator to reduce populations in order to enable you to enjoy your backyard again.

An organic-compliant mosquito program using biological traps that reduce the population along with a natural mosquito ATSB bait monthly proves to provide the best experience.

Living near brackish waters or mangroves can also produce Culex and Anopheles mosquitos that can fly in from as far as 7 miles at night, these can bite late in the evening through the night and early morning.

Rodent Control In Miami Beach

Rats and Mice populations are on the rise in the city, especially in dense plant environments or heavy restaurant districts.
The most natural way to prevent rodents’ rats and mice from entering your home is with exclusion pest proofing. Rats only need an opening the size of your thumb to enter your home, while a mouse may enter through the width of a pinkie. Sealing the holes around your home will be an organic rodent control service. With existing rats and mice inside your home our experienced rat exterminators will be using snap traps inside a child and pet-tamper-resistant stations is the most natural rat and mouse control available. Around the exterior of your home to reduce rodent populations we can install pet and child-tamper-resistant stations with several organic certified and traditionally reduced-risk rodenticides.

We also service the city of