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Pest Control Hialeah

NaturePest has been offering the pest control Hialeah needs since 2009, offering a superior level of service and quality with the most advanced pest management products and techniques that protect your Hialeah home from pests while protecting your health from the diseases bugs spread and the toxicity of pesticide sprays.

The weather here is hot, humid, and wet. It feels like it rains every day and it creates a condition bugs love. Your home is a shelter where they can hide in your walls, feed on your food and drink your water. You can protect your home from being invaded, however, with our control and prevention services; not only creating a barrier of protection but seeking out and destroying their nesting sites.

Our advanced insect baiting system will not hide your pests like most cheap spray services that contaminate your home but will use pests’ own habits to eliminate them without the need for toxic chemical sprays.

We also provide service for your lawn and garden (including trees and palms) to protect them from those sucking chewing insects that can damage your landscape. We will guarantee your ficus, palms, and lawn will be pest free with any of our 3, 6, or 9-month treatment programs. If you get whitefly within our service intervals, we will retreat it for free. We give you a written warranty as to how long each treatment is guaranteed. No one in the industry will give a written warranty or guarantee. We give you both.

Whether you have ticks, fleas, roaches, ants, whiteflies, rats, mice, or mosquitos, our affordable integrated pest management and prevention service makes the best solution available to every Hialeah resident at an affordable cost. What was available to only a select few is now available to all.

Take the first step and request a free quote or see our upfront pricing schedule or check out our specials. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse or single-family home. We have a service and a price to fit your budget and solve your insect problems in an eco-friendly manner that won’t endanger your family or your pets.

Apartment/Condo Affordable German Cockroach Control Service with no contract (cancel anytime, no inspection, no sales pitch, and no initial service fee).

Hialeah Single Family Home Complete Control and Prevention Service with No contract (cancel anytime, no inspection, no sales pitch with a service warranty). If pests get in your home between regular service, we will perform a re-service free). Additional trips required to control heavy infestations after the initial service will require an additional fee depending on the type, severity and difficulty of controlling such pests.

We dare you to compare our service, quality, guarantee, warranty, Eco-friendliness, and yes price to any of our competitors in Hialeah. NaturePest offers the holistic pest control management that Hialeah residents have come to expect: eco-friendly, affordable, no contracts, no toxic sprays, and completely child and pet friendly. You will be amazed that no one comes close!

Looking for pest control near me Hialeah Pest Control is serviced by NaturePest , independently owned and operated by Franklin Hernandez Certified Pest Control Operator.

We also service the city of Homestead

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