ECO Friendly Natural Pest Control Miami

Since 2009 we have been providing the finest in ECO Friendly Natural Pest Control Miami trusts with natural and organic options throughout Miami Dade South Florida.

Choosing The Right Pest Control Company Matters

The same IPM service performed in hospitals and five star hotels and restaurants to protect your health is now available for your home or business at an affordable price for any budget.

Making The Best Pest Control Accessible and Affordable Matters

We challenge you to find an Eco Friendly Natural Pest Control Service in Miami Dade and Broward for your home or business at a lower price.

Why because no one should have to live with pests and the diseases they spread and you shouldn’t have to settle for a cheep exterminator that will use the cheapest toxic spray service that contaminate your home and put your family’s health at risk. Our service procedures have been proven by university studies to more effective and less toxic than traditional cheep toxic chemical baseboard sprays for about the same price.

While there are many pest control companies to choose from few are environmentally continuous, much less environmentally friendly and while many have jumped on the eco green bandwagon while still spraying your baseboards with the same synthetic pesticides everyone else is using. We are 10 times greener from the ground up and we can prove it.

At NaturePest we can prove we are greener and less toxic than most any pest control company in Miami Dade and Broward counties. Our process insures we do not apply any synthetic chemical pesticide spray indoors unless it is a last resort.

Pest Control Training and Education Matter

We have the best university trained Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practitioners in Miami equipped with latest techniques, equipment and environmentally friendly products to accurately diagnose and treat and exterminate your ants, Ticks, rats, mice, bees, wasps, spider, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and bedbug pest problems giving you an environmentally friendly pest control without the harmful side affects of chemical sprays and minimally invasive procedures along with natural, organic and botanical pest control products that reduce or eliminate the need for chemical insecticide spray that can contaminate your home.

Being Conscientious Matters

Why should this matter to you? The American Academy of Pediatrics and The Environmental Protection Agency have determined that children are at the highest risk of pesticide exposure because children have a unique susceptibility to their potential toxicity in low-level exposures.

The Pest Control Methods We Use Matters

By adhering strictly to IPM principle inspection and identification focusing on the pest biology first and chemical pesticides last, through a thorough understanding what pest we are dealing with first and how that pest nests, breads and feeds we can take a strategic approach to excluding, preventing and managing pests by using the pests own biology against them instead of a broad spectrum insecticide spray approach that is guaranteed to contaminate everything and not guaranteed control the pest problem.

The Pest Control Products We Use Matters

Mineral based dusts, gel baits and granular baits made from boric acids that kills the pest by ingestion in areas non accessible to people or pets such as in cracks and crevices, voids or behind appliance in bait stations.

Organic and inorganic dusts like amorphous silica gel or DE diatomaceous earth dusts that destroys the insects exoskeletons to prevent and eliminate pests behind walls and kitchen and bath cabinets with out contaminating your food, air, surfaces cabinets, utensils or cookware.

Natural plant based essential oils like Clove oil, Garlic oil, Thyme Oil, Peppermint Oil to remove pests from around the exterior of your home, lawn and garden repelling them, preventing them from laying their eggs or stop them from feeding.

IGR’s Insect Growth Regulators that are non toxic to humans and animals to prevent insect pests form developing into reproductive adults and finally killing them on contact reducing the need for insecticides.

The use of low risk and reduced risk granular and gel baits in cracks, crevices, voids in stations to reduce exposure and exterior perimeters to remove severe pest infestations and destroy nesting sites in difficult to reach areas such as neighboring properties or up in palms and trees eliminating the need for spraying a pesticide.

Weather it is your Miami home, business, lawn, palms, trees or shrubs we can serve you, our professional exterminators care to protect your property and your health from pests the diseases they spread and from the unnecessary use of pesticides that can contaminate your home.

Compliant Commercial Pest Control Experience Matters

For businesses and LEED certified buildings in Miami we provide the same superior service than in homes to protect patrons and employees from pesticide contamination. In supermarkets, restaurant , food trucks and other natural or organic food facilities we provide an NOP Organic compliant services to protect your brand, reputation and certifications.

Being A Local Pest Control Company Matters

Whether it’s a local pest control Miami company owned branch or a local franchisee anywhere in Florida we have the local pest knowledge and expertise to handle your local pest problem. Our relationships with you local County Cooperative Extension Service and Local State Universities allows us to to provide your local technicians the finest and most up to date training and education possible in your specific area. You never deal with a corporate representative outside your service area you deal with a local person that understands what you are experiencing and has the knowledge training, empowerment and autonomy and make a decision to best serve you.

Protecting The Environment Matters

We focus on protecting the most important environment of all your home. Protection your surfaces that you, your children and your pest come in contact with from the unnecessary contamination of pesticides. Protecting the indoor air from the pollution of pesticides. Protecting your food, plates and other eating and cooking utensils from contact with pesticides.

Protecting the outdoor environment in Miami from the unnecessary use of pesticides whether it’s your lawn, garden, outdoor eating and entertainment areas.

Protecting bees and pollinators that provide food and flowers, birds, fish and other mammals from unnecessary unnecessary frequent spraying of insecticides.

Protecting our water sources, ground water aquifer, lakes, bays and oceans in Miami from pesticides and fertilizers in accordance to Florida’s Best Management Practices. From wind drift, leaching, and persistence by only using a fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, herbicide when necessary and not use any pesticides known to be persistent or toxic to the environment.

We do not use any Restricted Use Pesticide on the EPA RUP list. Using modern less toxic and lower risk products with a Caution label warning or less. Substituting synthetics with Reduced Risk Fifra 25b exempt natural, organic and biological products as much as possible through our automated fertigation system.

choosing and exterminator to perform a natural pest control service in Miami that cares for the well being of your family matters.

We offer in Miami convenient weekday, Saturday and evening services that fit into your schedule.

Our upfront pricing policy allows you to stay in control of your money.