ECO Friendly Pest Control Miami

Since 1999 we have been providing the finest in ECO Friendly Pest Control throughout Miami Florida.

We have university trained Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practitioners equipped with latest techniques, equipment and environmentally friendly products to accurately diagnose and treat your pest problems giving you an environmentally friendly pest control without the harmful side affects of chemical sprays and minimally invasive procedures along with natural, organic and botanical pest control products that reduce or eliminate the need for chemical insecticide spray that can contaminate your home.

ECO Friendly Pest Control Miami

ECO Friendly Pest Control Miami

ECO Friendly Pest Control Miami ECO Friendly Pest Control Miami
Pests are more than annoying most present a health risk, they invade your Miami home for many reason, harbourage, food and water are the basic needs of pest, removing them and keeping them out of your home in an environmentally responsible manner with a natural pest control process requires specialized knowledge that only an (IPM) Integrated Pest Management Practitioner can offer you. 
Lawn and Garden Pest Control Miami

Lawn and Garden Pest Control

Lawn & Garden Pest Control Miami Lawn & Garden Pest Control Miami
Trying to keep your lawn and garden as beautiful as the day it was designed or restoring it from pest damage in Miami can be a daunting task considering we get an average of 12 new pests a year in South Florida. But don’t despair there is hope for your lawn and garden.
Mosquito Control Miami

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Miami Mosquito Control Miami
Mosquitoes in South Florida can be an annoying, and serious health problem, they interfere with work and spoil your fun and they attack people and pets. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis and encephalitis and West Nile virus to people and pets.

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  • Thank you for taking care of our ant problem.
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The gumbo limbo spiraling whitefly is a recent insect menace affecting a wide variety of trees in South Florida. This video demonstrates two types of management methods for combating the spiraling whitefly once it has infested a tree.

Integrated pest management IPM VS conventional insecticide sprays programs.

It’s inevitable that almost everyone that calls me to perform a pest control service will tell me “I need you to come to my house and spray it for bugs” that is because for decades that was the only tool pest control companies had. So it’s no wonder when most people think of pest control they think of a guy with a silver can spraying around their baseboards, behind the refrigerator and stove and to most if you don’t spray you didn’t perform a good pest control service. Today we have many more tools, training and knowledge at our disposal.
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How to control aphids

This week during a routine inspection on a landscape dew for a quarterly treatment I noticed the Duranta Gold Mound hedge was a bit bare and upon close inspection I found a few branches that had what appeared to be aphids so I brought a sample back to examine it under a microscope to confirm the pest species and here is what I found. I have never come across aphids on Duranta, but as the saying goes there is a first time for everything. In this article i will teach you how to control aphids on plants, trees and shrubs.
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