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3 Simple Secrets to Effective German Roach Control

3 Steps for Effective German Roach Control: Follow-up, Inspect, and Treat. Follow-up: Regular monitoring is crucial for effective roach control. Check the affected area a few days after initial treatment

Roof Rat (Black Rat) Rattus. Rattus Facts

1.       Will Feed On And Damage Almost Any Edible Thing 2.       It Can Also Be Very Damaging To Crops And Plants, Particularly Seeds. 3.       It Is Very Agile And Often


Ficus Defoliation Caused By Whiteflies

On today’s edition, we inspect ficus defoliation caused by whiteflies. After four months of treatment, we redid the treatment as there was evidence of defoliation. On close inspection, we indeed


This Palm Tree Is Not Aware That It Is Actually Dead

Today it’s an unhealthy palm tree: wrong size, wrong color. Most techs would likely recommend fertilizer. However, on close inspection we find the culprit: Ganoderma. This is a bacterial disease


Fly Maggots In Rat Trap After 4 Days? Why?

On today’s edition of Naturepest, there are fly maggots in a rat trap 4 days after placing the trap. Integrated pest control pro Franklin Hernandez explains why. #pestcontroltraining #pestcontrol #pestcontrolservice


This Is How To Maintain An In2Care Mosquito Control Trap

If mosquito control is part of your pest control routine, here’s what you need to know about properly maintaing an In2care Mosquito Control Trap. #pestcontroltraining #pestcontrol #pestcontrolservice #pest #termitecontrol #pestmanagement