If Your IPM Professional Cannot Do Much To Solve Your Lawn Problems, It’s Not Their Fault. Some Landscapes Are Actually Impossible To Fix

Why is it that no matter what your IPM professional tries, your lawn can only look healthy and beautiful with limited success? On today’s episode of the Naturepest DIY, host and integrated pest control management specialist Frank ‘The Pestgeek’ Hernandez reveals why certain landscapes are beyond the effective control an integrated pest management professional thereby rendering all attempts to maintain a beautiful lawn a task with very limited success. Over the course of ten years, we have struggled to maintain this lawn with limited success. Why? This patio for instance contains a massive oak tree that casts a shadow over considerable area of this beautiful law, blocking essential sunlight. In addition to this, this oak tree has enormous roots which are competing for resources. We find old ficus trees competing for resources as well. The areas of the lawn that benefit from the direct sunlight are beautiful and healthy as expected while the shaded areas remain in stark contrast to the healthy areas. We also find a deck with no access to irrigation beyond it which results in weeds and possibly chinch bugs during draught seasons. This patio is near a lake where product is restricted from use by law within 10 feet of a body of water. We also find additional shade from Palm trees that restrict growth there. Sometimes, no matter how we try, there just is not way to fix this.

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