Why Is Your Beautiful Lawn Suddenly Full Of Draught Patches Even When Your Irrigation System Seems To Be Working?


Even though your irrigation system seems to be working, your beautiful lawn now has draught patches. What is going on? Do not miss today’s edition of the DIY Naturepest podcast as host and integrated pest management professional Franklin ‘The Pestgeek’ Hernandez explains why you need your IPM professional to perform regular irrigation system inspections. The particular yard on this Miami property is maintained on a monthly basis. On this visit, less than 30 days from our last visit, there are clear signs of draught and other problems caused by misaligned irrigation nozzles that need to be readjusted. Chinch bugs and grub are not the problem here; it is a problem with the irrigation system failing to cover certain areas. We also find a large Oak tree with roots reaching far into the landscape and competing for water. Watch this video!

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