Why Is Your Green Island Ficus Tree Dropping Its Leaves And Turning Yellow? It Could Be A Poorly Designed Irrigation System.


So your beautiful Green Island Ficus tree is looking terrible. You  may have been told it is due to excess water. Actually, it can be a poorly designed irrigation system. On today’s episode of the DIY Naturepest podcast, we are inspecting a Green Island Ficus on a Miami property with exposure to sun all day long. Having tested this irrigation system we find a stressed green island ficus. When a ficus tree is losing leaves and turning yellow, it is due to a lack of water. In fact, having experienced a month long draught with temperatures of 80s and 90s, the irrigation system was still adjusted to winter. Consequently, we find evidence of draught stress. Although there has been a tropical storm and some rain in the past month, this does not make a major difference as plants do not recover in just 30 days. Once a plant gets stressed, it will continue to get stressed. In addition to this, this zone is adjacent to a zone that is in full shade which presents another problem for an optimum irrigation system.

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