Every Lawn Needs These Five Things To Grow Successfully: Chemicals Do Not Make A Lawn Green

Do you own a lakefront property whose lawn is a nightmare to maintain? We are covering landscapes that are almost impossible to maintain on today’s edition of DIY Naturepest with integrated pest control management professional Franklin ‘The Pestgeek’ Hernandez. This beautiful lawn on a lakefront property lined with over 30 palm trees has been serviced by us for close to 15 years yet we have never been able to fix some issues with it. Lakefront properties place two important restrictions on our services: ten to fifteen feet from the water, it is illegal to treat this lawn with fertilizer and the problems are clearly visible: weeds. Florida and federal law do not allow insecticides nor fungicides to be sprayed within ten to 15 feet from a body of water. Another issue is the fact that the lawn is being ‘scalped’ (mowed at 1 inch length). The optimum length should be at least three inches. It should be noted, however, that chemicals do not make the grass green. What makes grass green is proper cultural care.

5 things that every lawn needs to grow successfully:

-right plant in the right place (correct growing environment)
-right amount of irrigation
-right mowing frequency
-right mowing height
-sharp blade

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