This Is How You Replace The Hose On Your Ryobi Backpack Sprayer: Be Warned, You’re Going To Need Special Tools!

Chances are you already own a Ryobi Backpack Sprayer and know that these sprayers works really well if you are a DYI person. However, there is a caveat and its the hose which seems to damage quite easily. If you find yourself needing to replace the hose on your backpack sprayer, be warned, it is not as easy as it sounds. On today’s edition of the DIY Naturepest podcast, host and integrated pest management professional Franklin ‘The Pestgeek’ Hernandez discusses the problem of replacing the hose on a Ryobi Backpack Sprayer. This sprayer is only 4 months old and its hose already needed to be repaired previously and is already showing additional cracks along the tubing. As the hose cracked near the adapter this time, to remove this hose, one needs to buy a couple of special screwdriver sets. In fact, one screw is almost impossible to get to with a regular screwdriver. The hose itself is an 8 millimeter gauge which is difficult to find online. If you get a Ryobi backpack, it works well but replacing the hose is a major task.

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