Why It’s A Challenge For Your IPM Professional To Fertilize Landscape Palms In South Florida

No matter how hard your IPM pro tries, your landscape is full of dry patches and the grass never seems to grow healthy. Why? Some landscape designs are simply poorly thought out. Three Royal palms and one Bismarck palm on an elevated uneven surface with rocks in between as well as tight ends that make mowing with a lawnmower impossible; a landscaper cannot mow this correctly. To maintain this, only a line trimmer or weed eater can be used with very limited success. To compound the problem, this lawn is almost entirely in the shade all day. The solution is to resod every few years. It is possible to kill the weeds that grow but it is not possible to make the grass grow in this environment. This is the reality of certain South Florida landscape designs that are poorly thought out. Plants are living organisms that need to be given what they require or they will not thrive. Having your own trouble with impossible landscapes? Contact Integrated Pest Control Specialist Frank ‘The Pestgeek’ Hernandez @786.686.0109

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