Even With Holistic Pest Control Methods, We Cannot Help These Ixoras Because They Are Beyond Our Scope And Here’s Why.

For the most part, these Ixoras look wonderful, however, there is another section where the problems are clearly visible. We are often able to restore Ixora plants on a landscape using our unique natural blend of Bio-based eco-friendly products. This landscape has been under our care for about 15 years. On today’s edition of the DIY Naturepest Podcast, we explain why some things are beyond our scope of holistic pest control, we simply cannot solve the problem. However, in some cases, no matter what methods we try, the results are less than satisfactory. We have tried iron fertilizer, excess iron, more nitrogen. Can it be a soil problem or contractor’s disease? We find stress and irrigation problems. We avoid Noenicitinoid sprays on shrubs to protect the environment. Still the same issues.

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