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Most Common Ants Found In South Florida

Have you noticed many ants in your home recently?

If so, chances are they’re one of the most common ant species found in South Florida. Understanding these types of ants can help you identify them and know what to do if they start taking over your home. We have researched the seven types of South Florida ants that are most often seen in homes – Big Headed Ants, Crazy Ants, White-footed Ants, Ghost Ants, Red Imported Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants & Ghost Ants. No more guessing about which type of ant is invading your home! With our detailed information on each type of ant and how to get rid of them safely and effectively – plus tips for prevention – you’ll be able to keep them from coming back again. Check out our ant control service now for all the info on South Florida’s most common ants!

Big Headed Ants

The bigheaded ant is an invasive species that can be found in South Florida and many other tropical and subtropical regions. This ant has important identifying characteristics, such as piles of sandy soil, foraging trails inside the home, and numerous colonies across property lines. Its breeding and mating habits are interesting to note too; they have a complete metamorphosis life cycle with colonies containing large numbers of fertile queens. While these ants do not cause damage to homes or properties, it’s important to know how to control them if necessary. NaturePest offers bi-monthly service plans that ensure satisfaction with their NaturePest Free Guarantee – perfect for those looking for expert Big Headed Ant Control services near them!

Crazy Ants

The crazy ant has quickly become a widespread pest in the US and can be difficult to control. With a life cycle that is highly adaptable and workers that forage long distances from their nests, it can be hard to locate and eradicate these pests. However, with the right knowledge on their behavior and habits as well as frequent granular baits without the need of spray synthetic pesticides inside or outside the home should help get rid of them. By understanding this species better we are one step closer towards successfully controlling its population.

White-footed Ants

The white-footed ant is a serious pest species in Florida and can cause considerable damage to properties. It is important to be able to identify this ant correctly so that appropriate control measures can be taken. Control methods include using glucose or sugar gel baits, systemic root drench treatment and trimming plants away from buildings. Through careful monitoring and proper use of control methods, the population of these ants can be controlled.

Ghost Ants

Ghost ants are one of the most difficult ant species to control due to their adaptability and ability to create multiple sub-colonies throughout a home. The best way to combat them is through frequent cleaning and application of sugar liquid and gel baits as well as periodic applications of combination insecticides. Keeping an eye out for new colonies forming outside or inside your house can help you catch them before they become too much of a nuisance pest.

Red Imported Fire Ants

The red imported fire ant is an invasive species that has become a major problem in Florida. It frequently invades homes, school yards and other recreational areas and can cause painful or pus-filled lesions from its bites. Understanding their life cycle and feeding habits is important to be able to properly treat infestations. There are various control methods that can be used depending on the severity of the situation ranging from single mound treatments with granular baits to insecticide sprays. With effective management and proper preventative measures, we can help keep our cities free of these pesky pests.

Carpenter Ants

Florida carpenter ants can be difficult to locate and control. Knowing their behavior and characteristics is essential in order to properly identify them and take the correct steps toward eliminating them from your home or business. Using the proper cultural management practices as well as chemical treatments will help ensure that these pests do not become an issue for you. With this knowledge of Florida carpenter ants, you will now be better able to spot them, identify any potential damage they could cause, and begin taking the necessary steps toward getting rid of them altogether.

Rover Ants

The Rover ants, specifically Brachymyrmex patagonicus Mayr and its closely related counterpart, Brachymyrmex patagonicus obscurior, are small, invasive ant species that have garnered attention due to their widespread presence and adaptability to various environments. Originating from South America, these ants have successfully established themselves in many parts of the world, including the southern United States. Typically characterized by their small size, dark to light brown coloration, and rapid, erratic movements, Rover ants are known for their preference for moist environments, often nesting in soil, under stones, or within rotting wood. In urban settings, they can become a nuisance in homes and gardens, invading structures in search of food and water. Despite their invasive nature, Rover ants are not typically aggressive and do not pose the same level of threat to native ecosystems as some other ant species. However, their presence in large numbers can be problematic, leading to the displacement of native ant species and the potential for disruption of local ecosystems.
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