I cannot believe my new home has pests.

I cannot believe my new home has pests.

I cannot believe my new home has pests
I often get calls from home owners that just finished building their home and moved in now after a few weeks they have ants and roaches this is a brand new how can I have pests I cannot believe my new home has pests what is happening.

This is a very common problem in new home construction, what has happened is very simple. Pests invade structures for three basic reason shelter, food or water so in your structure even though you have not cooked or have running water there is plenty of food and water sources a bag of fast food, water in a bucket and plenty of open areas where they can come in. So they make a nest in between the blocks, or any other part of the unfinished home.

Enter in hundreds of materials from lumber yard infested with pests, boxes with German roaches in the corrugate, pallets of tile with American roach eggs, open sewer lines with no traps where roaches and rodent can come in. Lumber, drywall, lumber all have moisture in them and pests can use that moisture to live on for water.

In the finishing stages these pests get trapped in your new home and are able to breed and multiply in six months to a year one to three generations of different pests have been able to reproduce potentially your new home can have thousands of pests and you don’t know it primarily because no one is paying attention the contractor and subcontractors are going about your business everyone is focused at the task at hand.

In that final sages in comes the landscape contractors with sod, plants, and mulch with all types of ants, roaches, millipedes, centipedes and god knows what, with in the last weeks of construction right before you move in all those pests are multiplying by the day yet know one notices.

The move date is here and in come the movers with all your furniture from the moving truck some was in storage, other was bought new yet some might have a hitchhiker on board worse yet you went dumpster diving for boxes and those boxes have roaches in the corrugate and those boxes are now in your home sitting there for weeks while you unpack a little bit at a time, meanwhile those eggs are hatching and know one notices.

A couple of weeks go by you are enjoying your new home and so are the pests, since you now have food in the home and are cooking on a regular basis they are coming out feed, so you see the ant trails, large roaches and other unidentifiable creatures crawling around, at this point you make your first mistake thinking this is not that serious after all it’s a new house and you attempt to solve this problem yourself thinking you can save yourself some money after all you’ve had this huge expense.

Do yourself a favor and call a professional before you commit the worst mistake in this whole process and end up spending months and hundreds of dollars to fix it.

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