Why pay so much money for something as simple as pest control?

Why pay so much money for something as simple as pest control?

Why pay so much money for something as simple as pest control?

With a tough economy many families are asking Why pay so much money for something as simple as pest control, the last thing a stressed budget needs is the additional expense of a pest control service, so most choose to tackle the problem themselves.

You see a roach in your kitchen and you do what most normal people do they step on them or scream there head off. You say to yourself how can I have roaches I keep everything clean, hell I’m borderline OCD they’d have to come from outside.

A few days go by and you start to see at least one every day for the last week you say to yourself I must have roaches, so you do the next most normal thing people do you, go to your local grocery store and pick up a can of roach spray because it kills roaches dead, like there is another type of dead roach, once back at home you start looking for those roaches like a lion prowling for prey, you crouch down and when you see one go by you say there you are and spray it. It instantly dies so you say to yourself dang this stuff really works. But after a week of this the thrill of the kill is wearing off and now your annoyed by the situation, this is disgusting you say, what will people think I’m not a pig I keep things clean heck I clean everyday this is not possible.

Two weeks go by and more roaches are appearing, so you think I know um I remember my mom used to buy these roach tablets that’s how she did it, so you stop by the grocery store on your way from work and look for a box of something that says “controls roaches” you see a box of a product with a picture of a roach, it say “roach tablets control roaches” you say to yourself yea roach tablets that will do it and grab another can of roach spray just to reinforce it.

You get home and place tablets everywhere one on each corner, you toss a few behind the fridge because you saw them crawling out from behind there, a few in each drawer because they are all over your spoons and some in the cabinets.

With roach spray you start zapping every roach you see, you even get up in the dark with can in hand to turn on the lights and catch them in the act to zap them because you know they come out when you turn off the lights, you scurry around the kitchen chasing them as you spray away screaming like a deranged lunatic, take that you nasty roaches spraying everything in sight, counters, floor cabinets you wasted the entire can in one euphoric episode and as you gasp to take a breath you say to yourself, that should do it and you go to bed.

A few days go by and they’re and back, this time they brought friends, this has been going on for a month now, and you say to yourself that’s it, time to bring in the reinforcements, so you drive down to the local hardware store and look through the shelves at the dozens of product that solve all kinds of pest problems, overwhelmed you ask the store associate, this was your first mistake one that you will soon regret, what will work for roaches you ask? The associate points you to all the products and says all the ones that’s say roaches will control roaches, oh that makes sense duh, I told you you would regret it. So you see one that says will control roaches for up to 12 months you says to yourself at last, that’s it this has to be the strongest product they have wow 12 months, so you take it home and apply it to the baseboards all over the house just like the expensive exterminator does. At first the rush of killing your pests is sensational you say to yourself you see this is not so hard, and you go on your way to carry on with your life expecting not to see another roach for an entire year.

Several days go by and you see dead roaches everywhere, dead roaches yes it works; finally, but every day you see more and more dead roaches all over in the bathrooms in the bedrooms so you say well at least there dead this must be working, after about three weeks you see the live ones again so you think to yourself well maybe it doesn’t last a year but at least it works so off again you go spraying all your baseboards gain, and zap it with the pesticide you bought, days and weeks go by and you zap zap zap away while days after day you are noticing more and more roaches you say to yourself this product doesn’t work, this is false advertisement.

After three months of this you have a fit of rage and say that’s it I’ve had it you say, I know what I need Foggers that’s it Foggers ill get those roach bombs and bomb the hell out of them, you get a half dozen Foggers and you blast away in every room coughing as you head out the door from inhaling the fumes, that ought to do it those suckers are done now. You get home after work and there are a million roaches dead all over you say, eureka I’ve got them, if anyone says that anymore. You sweep up all those roaches and go to bed still coughing from the fumes left in the home. For a couple of days everything is awesome only one roach here and there you think to yourself I’ve done it.

Only to start seeing those dam roaches at this point you curse and swear and you don’t do that, so you repent and them you decide to start reading blogs about roach control and how gel is effective and think ok it doesn’t make any sense but I’ll try it I’m desperate here. I’m thinking I need something stronger so back to the store you go to get something stronger you see a roach station that says it combats roaches, you also see a box of the same brand that says roach gel bait right next to it so you take a box of that too.

You get home them and place them all over the kitchen floors, counters and inside the cabinets, you take a that gel syringe and start caulking the edges of the counters, the back splash by the time you’re done it looks likes you re-caulked your backsplash with brown caulk, meanwhile you’re still there every day zap, zap, zap spray, spray everywhere on your counters, in the cabinets behind the stove and nothing those dang roaches are still coming and it seems to get worse by the day.

Until a a couple of weeks go by and you start seeing more roaches so you say to yourself I’ll just fog those sons of roaches again and off you go like a possessed mad man to get more Foggers. You say to yourself for sure this time they are toast, fried no chance in hell they will survive this.

A week goes by and sure enough they are back. I’ve have done everything everyone says and have bought every darn thing and nothing works, You say to yourself my god how hard can this be, how is it that I can’t get control of theses roaches.

By now you have made five trips to the hardware store, spent about $100 in products, contaminated your home, surfaces, dishes, food and air with toxic chemical applied in a way that if any professional pest control technician did they would be put in prison for gross negligence, worse yet the roaches are in such high amounts that roach feces, vomit and carcasses all over your surfaces are spreading salmonella and E-coli bacteria producing stomach viruses and gastronomic infections, not to mention the feces is transmitting spores of diseases in the air causing respiratory infections and asthmatic attacks. So how much did you save by doing it yourself because you thought it’s not that difficult why should I pay so much money for something so simple as roach control. I don’t why you would go through all this when our professional Affordable German Roach Control Service Starts out at only $68.88.

Why, why lord you screen to the heavens and nothing, crickets no answer.

The reason is simple you have bought into the marketing and idea that pest control is really simple that anyone can do it, that it is all about chemicals and the more you apply the better, not having an understanding about roach biology and how the chemistry works to control roaches and how mixing all those chemical just made your problem much worse.

This is a dark comical story that I have heard hundreds of times from my customer and when they call me they tell me all they have done to control theses roaches and the only solution is to move.

There is hope but it will require an understanding of roach biology, and how to prevent roaches, retraining and counter intuitive practices.

This is solid info on roach control if you want a quick fix you will suffer the consequences, there is no quick fix.

Im not apposed to do it yourselfers, I honestly want to help you do it right and safe not everyone can afford a professional exterminator, If you would like to learn to do pest control yourself read solid scientific information to do it right from the start avoid blogs from people that have no experience in the industry and are just selling advertising or products, just because a product say’s it controls a pest does not mean it controls it.

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