Household cleaners neutralize insecticides pest control products

Household cleaners neutralize insecticides pest control products

Household cleaners neutralize insecticides pest control products
Every time we perform a pest control service for a new customer we go through a list of do’s and don’ts with my clients, the first thing I talk about is how household cleaners neutralize insecticides pest control products and how to manage them.

Modern insecticide pest control products like baits whether they are in gel, dust, liquid or granular form are very sensitive because they have a manufactured food product that makes the baits attractive to the insect and most household cleaners will neutral ice most pest control products contaminating them with scents that repel the pest or neutralizing them altogether.

Products that have bleach or ammonia should avoided in the immediate area that the pest control products have been applied because they will sterilize all pesticides. We use these products to decontaminate our truck and equipment from pesticides.

Product like degreasers and cleaners with strong scents or perfumes will contaminate the bait pesticides and render them useless.

Also air fresheners and candles can contaminate bait insecticides.

During the treatment process you can use natural and enzyme cleaners that disinfect and clean just as good as the harsh and perfume cleaners or use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean floors and surfaces, vinegar will Sanitize and clean as well as any cleaner for routine cleaning.

If you have a moderate to sever German roach infestation it is recommended you vacuum thoroughly once per week as this will remove dead carcasses and roach feces.

Once your treatment has been completed it is recommended that you remove all the items from your cabinets and clean the inside of all your cabinets thoroughly to remove dead roaches and any excretions, in addition to that wash all your kitchen utensils to prevent any disease from spreading and reducing food borne illnesses like salmonella and e-coli, this will also reduce respiratory infections, allergies and asthma.

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