Why every restaurant needs fly lamps

Why every restaurant needs fly lamps

I’m always amazed when I speak with restaurant owners or managers that sign up for pest control service and they tell me they don’t need fly lamps, every restaurant needs fly lamps.
Why every restaurant needs fly lamps
The truth is if you have a food or drink service business you have flies, flies you don’t see and flies you have learned to ignore, so every restaurant needs fly lamps at a minimum to help reduce fly populations.

As a restaurant owner you spend a fortune on marketing to attract customers why would you risk losing them to a fly problem.

House flies are the #1 fly problem in food service facilities second only to German Roaches.

Any fly in your restaurant is a potential salmonella and e coli food poisoning.

A single female fly can lay up to 500 eggs in a 3 to 4 days.

Filth Breeding Flies enter and breed in your restaurant from the common house fly, fruit flies, fungus gnats, phorib flies and moths along with a about 200 other flies that just wonder in every time someone opens a door.

Things you can do to prevent flies in your restaurant or food service establishment.

Only open rear service doors when absolutely necessary.
Do not leave doors open for extended period of times.
Throwing out the trash periodically during the day.
Make sure all trash cans and bins have lids on.
Keep all exterior trash containers as far away from the building as possible.
Clean dumpster area on a weekly basis with pressure or steam clean to remove decaying organic matter.
Install air curtain if possible to prevent flies from entering.
In customer entrance install entry door to the positive pressure isolation room.


In order to control fly problems in restaurants proper food service sanitation is of the upmost importance proper food service sanitation including the removal of any standing water, the treatment of drains and the cleaning of grease traps.
Odors are a sign of poor sanitation if you can smell it then so can a fly.


In order to prevent them from entering including tight sealing door, windows and thresholds. Ceiling tiles with cracks or holes need to be repaired. Caulking and sealing is required for proper IPM Integrated Pest Management.

Chemical control is very limited for fly control .

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