Your stuff got bugs while in storage

Your stuff got bugs while in storage

your stuff got bugs while in storage
Having to put all your stuff in storage is bad enough but for your stuff to get bugs while in storage that’s adding insult to injury. Like a lot of people having to downsize to a smaller place or moving to a new location, your left with the option of selling, giving away your stuff or pitting it in storage.

So you find your new home and you bring your stuff home only to find a giant roach jump out at you when you open a box, so you do what any normal person does you scream your head off and throw the box half way across the room and try to chase it down with a broom to try to kill it or you do the next best thing climb on a chair screaming for somebody to kill it.

After that fiasco you now squeamishly open every box peaking in and poking around with a stick just anticipating another episode of killer roach attack.

Days and weeks go by and you start seeing a roach here and a roach there so you do the next most logical thing, you think about buying roach spray. Before your horror show turns into a horror thriller please cease and decease from the madness you are about to embark on.

I know what you are thinking right about now this is not that serious I can handle this and you would be correct it’s not serious yet. Unless you understand roach biology your next decision could determine whether you nip it in the bud now or you spend the next six months with five trips to the home improvement store and spend $100 only to still have more roaches. Why pay a professional Right?

If you can afford it hire a integrated pest control professional like ours that use baits instead of sprays as this will not contaminate your home and get rid of your roaches.

Things you can do to prevent bringing pests home.

Rent a climate controlled storage unit with pest control service. Avoid renting the cheaper outdoor units.

Open all boxes outside or in the garage and discard the boxes outside immediately, do not keep unpacked boxes for long periods of time in your home and never reuse the boxes to store stuff in the house.

Avoid going dumpster diving for boxes; you can bring the roaches with you.

Avoid using roach sprays to control the problem, this could repel roaches and make them hide in your home.

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