Affordable German Cockroach Control

Roach control is not a luxury, roaches are a serious health risk, roaches can carry up to 50 bacteria, protozoa and viruses, they spread disease by carrying up to 14 million bacteria on there body and up to 7 million bacteria in there gut and feces contaminating your dishes, surfaces transmitting stomach viruses like salmonella and e-coli. Asthma and allergy sufferers are very sensitive to the feces and dead carcasses of roaches.

In an an effort to save money they say to themselves, Why pay so much money for pest control? Most people think they cannot afford a professional eco-friendly pets control service so most attempt to perform theses services themselves, in desperation and lack of experience in dealing with German roaches they will attempt to do it themselves and end up contaminating there home and not controlling the infestation. Most treatments that are affordable contaminate your home with unnecessary chemicals and do little to control the roach infestation. This is why we have created this Affordable German Cockroach Control program.

Prices are for a one time only service with no long term contract, an additional visit is required at the price listed 30 days after initial service to get control then it is recommended to perform a quarterly preventive service at listed price. Service is for German roaches only for multiple pest problems requires a complete residential pest control service.