Many children are slowly being poisoned by pesticides

Many children are slowly being poisoned by pesticides

Many children are slowly being poisoned by pesticides
Nobody would intentional harm a child, yet many children are slowly being poisoned by pesticides by well meaning and but uninformed people.

I am a certified pest control operator and I don’t spray my home with pesticides nor would not I allow anyone to spray my home ever. The overwhelming medical and scientific evidence suggesting the child development is hindered by exposure to chemical including over the counter pesticides such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and alike is insurmountable.

Pesticides can interfere with a child’s neurodevelopment, pesticides have been shown to affect a many of body’s systems including the endocrine system which is why pesticides that are endocrine disrupters should not be used around children or women that are pregnant or planning to become pregnant because pesticides can be passed from the mother to the child during pregnancy and nursing, pesticides can affect the immune and respiratory system of a child.

Children have rapidly developing neurological pathways especially in the first years of life making newborns and infants especially vulnerable to the effects of pesticides. Research in school age and preschoolers suggests that pesticides may interfere neurological developmental associating with poorer outcomes in lower verbal and memory scores.

This is why Integrated Pest Management is mandated in all schools and child care facilities, hospitals and other and why it should be mandated by you in your home.

This is the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics, The Environmental Protection Agency and The Center for Disease Control IPM is the only method for protection people’s health from the diseases pests spread and toxicity from pesticides.

So why don’t you hear more about IPM more and why don’t more pest control companies offer IPM instead of cheep toxic only pesticide spray services?

It’s a real crime when someone sprays the entire inside of your home with an unnecessary chemical knowing what the risks and dangers are in the long run and knowing it will never cure your problem. The sad part is that the people who can least afford IPM are the ones more susceptible traditional toxic services, those in multi unit dwellings, public housing and Section 8. This is why we have developed an affordable IPM program.

So why do most people buy their services? Because for 100 years that has been the only pest control that was available, so every has grown up seeing the pest control man with a spray can spraying their home this is all they know and most people ask for it and any other method is considered inferior.

The worst part is that 80% of homes in America perform their own pest control in the same way with the same pesticides thinking the over the counter products are less harmful, feeling they are watered down so they use much more than is safe. The reality is that the over the counter insecticides are pre-mixed at the same legal level that professionals would dilute it down to.

But today spray services are obsolete, pest control technology has advanced in such a way that it’s no longer necessary to spray the inside of your home to control pests. With IPM it is possible to get up to 100% control with up to 1000% less chemicals than with traditional methods even for the do-it-yourselfer.

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