How To Install B&G Refillable Exterior Ant Bait Station Video

Do you have an ant problem around your home but you don’t want to spray the perimeter or broadcast granular pesticides, then a B&G Refillable Exterior Ant Bait Station could be the solution you are looking for.

B&G Refillable Exterior Ant Bait Station

The B&G Ants Only Exterior Bait Station This is a multi-purpose system for delivering liquid, granular, or gel baits to control a variety of crawling insects and ants such as crazy antsghost ants, carpenter ants, big headed ants, pharaoh ants, white footed ants especially ants around the perimeter of residential and commercial buildings. The baits are held in a station that is flush with the soil surface and protected by a secure plastic top. The station is held in the ground by a 3 in. or 6 in. ground spike. This station provides season-long control for school or residential IPM programs. Most ants and insects prefer to feed in the shade, for the best possible results install your bait stations in a shaded area.


Installation of Exterior Ant Bait Station

Step 1 Choose 3” or 6” ground spike for deep mulch we recommend the 6” ground spike. Using a rubber mallet pound the ground spike into the ground until it is flush with the soil.

Step 2 Install the ants only 4 compartment bait station. Fill the bait station with the correct dilution of Thiquid or any granular bait you have selected for ant control.

Step 3 Place green cap on ant bait station base, refill station once a month.

B&G Refillable Exterior Ant Bait Stations
B&G Ant Bait Station

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