Systemic Shrub Whitefly Control Treatment [VIDEO]

Would you like to control those piercing sucking insects that destroy your shrubs in three easy step? Consider a Systemic Shrub Whitefly Control Treatment.

Systemic Shrub Whitefly Control Treatment

There are many options available on the market to control whiteflies on ficus, pyrethrum, pyrethroids, neonicotinoids, essential oils and dormant oils considering which whitefly control method to use will depend upon many factors. The ficus whitefly is unique in south Florida as it only attacks ficus, not all whiteflies will attack ficus nor is ficus whitefly known to attack any other species.

Ficus devastated by whitefly prior to treatment
Ficus devastated by whitefly prior to treatment
Systemic Whitefly Control Ficus Treated For Whiteflies with Imidacloprid
3 Months After Treatment With Dominion2L
Systemic Shrub Whitefly Control Treatment
3 Years After Once-A-Year Treatment with Dominion 2L

The Product: Dominion 2L by Control Solutions.

Dominion 2L Termiticide/Insecticide
Dominion 2L Termiticide/Insecticide

Dominion 2L is a new class of insecticide know as neonicitanooide. The active ingredient is Imidacloprid. It controls insects on your shrubs through a systemic action. You treat the shrub by drenching the roots and it is taken up by the roots through the vascular system and distributed throughout the entire shrub. When the insects usually a nymph attempt to feed on the shrub it will ingest a lethal dose ending the life cycle of that insects and preventing it from reproducing on your shrubs.

The Treatment Systemic Whitefly Control:

As with this and any product always read and follow all label directions including the use of all the recommended personal protective equipment required.

Systemic Root Drenching

1. The first thing you will do is measure the height each of the shrubs this will determine the proper dosage for each shrub. Notice you will have to treat each shrub individually with correct dosage for each shrub.
2. Measure out the correct dosage for each shrub, then mix the required dosage in a bucket or tank. You will need two measuring device one that measures in cc or ml to measure out he chemical and one that measures in ounces up to 32 oz to pour out the solution. A solution would be classified as the concentrated chemical containing the active ingredient in the amount of water required to make the solution.
3. And pour the measured out solution around the base of the shrub. The base is classified as the area around the base of the trunk from 1 to 12 inches away from the trunk this is referred to as a basal drench. Unless the product specifies it a basal drench is sufficient there is no need to drench any further away from the trunk than that to the drip line or feeder roots.

Impact On The Environment

Why is drenching systemic whitefly control considered an environmentally responsible way to control insects.
1. It’s only applied once a year in most cases reducing the exposure to pesticides, and only in the areas, the shrubs are so you don’t contaminate the entire property as with broadcast spray.
2. You don’t spray it on so you protect beneficial insects ladybugs and pollinators like bees. Since it’s drenched you reduce spray drifts in the air onto neighboring properties and bodies of water like lakes, rivers and streams or storm drains.
3. Soil absorption, leaching into groundwater, and persistence. It is considered to be safe when applied in accordance with label directions. For more on this topic click the link below to the governmental study of Imidacloprid.

Although there is no 100% safe product for the entire environment, as part of integrated pest management program it is environmentally friendly.

For more information on the environmental impact of imidacloprid see the Environmental Fate of Imidacloprid Revised by Matthew Fossen, Ph.D. Environmental Monitoring Department of Pesticide Regulation 1001 I Street Sacramento, CA 95812–4015

For more info on this product and systemic whitefly control including label and MSDS visit the web site link below.

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