Do you know the signs of a German roach infestation?

Do you know the signs of a German roach infestation

One roach is not an infestation, but do you know the signs of a German roach infestation?
Do you know the signs of a German roach infestation
By the time we get the call and perform a German roach control service for one of our clients it’s a serious German roach infestation. Why, because they either didn’t know the signs or they attempted to perform the control themselves with over the counter products and common spray methods.

The signs of German roach infestations are very subtle at first and most people think nothing of it, the most common thought is oh a roach that’s strange I keep this house clean, so off to buy roach spray.

Until 3 to 6 months have passed and it’s moderate to a severe epidemic and they are trying all kinds of products, but no results and now they have contaminated their home with pesticides and are still living with the roaches, its adding insult to injury.

The number #1 sign you have a serious German roach infestation

If you see them during the day, at this point, you need to stop everything you are doing and get an integrated pest management professional to perform a complete IPM service to your home using only Baits and IGR’s.

If you see roaches in a day time you may have up to 10,000 roaches inside your home, this is a severe infestation. How did it get this far? Simple German Roach biology it’s simple multiplication. 1 roach became 4 eggs and 4 eggs became 24 roaches that laid 96 eggs that became 2,300 roaches that became ten thousand roaches in as little as a year.

I’m warning you now this is not going to go away with wishful thinking, nor with one service. The harsh reality is you will need more than one follow up service and this will not go away quickly, this will take between 3 to 6 months to control.

At this point, if you go for the cheapest roach spray service you can find because you don’t believe it’s that serious two things will happen you will be out of your hard earned money and you will still have roaches.

The good news is that we and other IPM specialists can get up to 100% control, our Affordable IPM Roach service  for hard working families on a tight budget. Oh and no contamination of your food, dishes, floors, or air.

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