5 Myths about German cockroaches and their control.

Over the past ten years after handling thousands of calls from home and business owners here in Miami and i have found these 5 Myths about German cockroaches and there control to be the most common.
5 Myths about German cockroaches and their control.

5 Myths about German cockroaches and their control.

Myth #1 German Cockroaches only infest dirty homes.

Although a clean environment reduces the speed of the infestation by not providing food and an uncluttered environment reduce places where roaches can hide and bread, inevitably once introduced to the environment the German roach population will grow due to the lifecycle of German roaches.

Myth #2 German roaches only infest apartments.

German roaches are introduced into an environment via a through an infested piece of furniture, appliance or cardboard box breeding in the corrugated of the box when brought into the home or business the eggs hatch starting the infestation.

Myth #3 German roaches can be controlled with traditional baseboard sprays.

No, traditional baseboard sprays only work to kill roaches if the roaches walk across the pesticide but don’t work to control German roaches because the female roaches hide in crack, crevices, and voids in the cabinets, behind the fridge and walls where the pesticide can’t reach.

Myth #4 German roaches can be controlled with fogger bombs.

Although you can get a quick knock down of German roach populations with Foggers they won’t control German roach infestations because Foggers aren’t real fog, they are a fine spray mist with pyrethrins that have little or no residual and go up in the air and come down contaminating surfaces but cannot control the infestation because it cannot get where roaches really hide.

Myth #5 German roaches can be controlled with over the counter gels and stations.

Although gels are effective at controlling German roaches most baits are applied incorrectly, placing bands along the edges of walls. In order for baits to be effective baits must be used by themselves, using sprays of foggers will contaminate the baits and roaches won’t eat the baits, sprays, and foggers use repellent pesticides and baits use non repellent insecticides in order to get roaches to eat the bait. Baits must be applied directly where German roaches hide in cracks and crevices behind fridge, stove, cabinets, pipes, and outlets.

Effective German roach control requires an integrated pest management approach in order to achieve 100% control. The use of baits such as Advion Roach Gel, insect growth regulators like Point Source, MaxForce FC Roach Bait stations, Avert Dry Flowable Roach Bait and insect monitoring stations.

If you use this method you will get 100% control within 30 to 90 days depending on the level of infestation.

If you apply a spray you will damage all the products mentioned above AVOID USING SPRAYS TO CONTROL GERMAN ROACHES ALONG WITH THESE PRODUCTS OR THEY WONT WORK. Always follow label direction exactly.

For more information about German Roach Control Get the German Roach Control Manual

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