Control of Pests and Disease on Southern Live Oak Quercus virginiana

Control of Pests and Disease on Southern Live Oak Quercus virginiana

Live Oak trees are great trees to plant in south Florida but they are not pest free so we will show you how to control Pests and Disease of Southern Live Oak Quercus virginiana.
Control of Pests and Disease on Southern Live Oak Quercus virginiana
Live Oaks trees are one of the largest spreading of all the oak trees wich can Reach up to 60 feet in height with a spread of up to 100 foot spread.

Finding an appropriate location to plant live oak trees is vital to there growth since live oaks can live for hundreds of years. They should be planted in huge open areas away from structures and power lines to minimize the need for constant pruning.

A common problem of live oak trees is planting them in the wrong place, in communities they are planted between the roadways and sidewalks creating a problem in the future such as roots damaging sidewalks and streets. HOA Home owner are suddenly faced with huge repair costs. Plant them with plenty of room to grow since the trunk can grow to more than 6 feet in diameter.

Insect Pests of Southern Live Oak Quercus virginiana

Galls by gall-forming wasps
The live oak root borer Archodontes melanopus

Insect pest control treatments can be easily made to protect live oak trees either by a systemic root drench or a trunk injection once per year with the active ingredient imidacloprid found in Dominion 2L.

Diseases of Southern Live Oak Trees

Live oak decline is a wilt disease that is attributed to Ceratocystis fagacearum.

Leaf scorch in live oak caused by the bacteria Xylella fastidiosa .

Leaf blister in live oak caused by Taphrina caerulescens

Canker diseases

Powdery mildew

Armillaria Root Rot Shoestring root rot

Stuff that grown on the branches that can couse damage to live oaks

Mistletoe (Phoradendron spp.)

Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides)

Diseases may be spread by insects, pruning tools or transporting infected wood.

Disease control is one of the hardest service to perform on live oak trees because of the amount and complexity of the disease. Once we identify the disease then we can recommend a treatment option and follow up regimen.

Here is a key to identifying diseases in live oak

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