Wood Pallets can bring in pests to your business

Wood pallets can bring in pests to your business

You get a shipment of food or equipment and you set the palettes on the floor or up against the wall and in a couple of weeks you could have a roach infestation because wood pallets can bring in pests to your business.

Pallets and other wood packing materials travel around the country and even the world from planes, ships, trains, trucks, warehouses and outside in yards and near dumpsters where all types of insects and rodents are.

A pallet sits in store or restaurant that is infested with German roaches and then its picked up by a supplier to deliver your goods and now sits in your business German roaches pregnant with eggs and now give birth in your store and soon you will have a German roach infestation.

Pallets will and could be anywhere if they have been placed where rodents are the feces and urine from rats and mice will get all over it and be dried into the porous wood, bacteria’s like e coli and are now growing on the palette and now it gets delivered to your restaurant your employee handles the palette with no gloves the surfaces he now touches is contaminated with the bacteria. How did we get that food poisoning anyway?

Things you can do to prevent pests in your business from contaminated pallets.

Have a commercial integrated pest management service program in place where frequent inspections and monitoring are the norm, not periodic pesticide applications.

Receive all merchandise and Leave pallets outside if possible.

If pallets must be brought in inspect them for roaches, eggs and other insects.

Use gloves when handling pallets.

Have unnecessary pallets taken outside to a dedicated area.

Following preventive steps can reduce your risk of pest infestations and contamination.

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