Using moving trucks and moving in with bugs

Using moving trucks and moving in with bugs

Many people unknowingly are using moving trucks and moving in with bugs, from bedbugs to roaches, because theses truck picked up a bug from an infested home.
Using moving trucks and moving in with bugs
In lower income homes most people have no choice but to rent a truck and haul it themselves, with trucks that have been used by hundreds of people who do not realize they have a pest problem such as bedbugs in here mattresses, when you put your furniture in that truck you are moving bugs into your home.

Al, the equipment used to move furniture from dollies to blankets can become infested with bedbugs and transited from renter to renter because most people don’t know how bedbugs behave they don’t see the peril.

Truck rental companies have huge turn around, some can rent the same truck three time in one day, and something as simple as moving a mattress they got for free that is already infested with a bedbugs can be picked up by the next renter.

Most people don’t know that bed bugs that have had a blood meal from a host person can live six month without needing another sucking and hide in the cracks and crevices of trucks for month hitchhiking there way into your home.

Rental companies do not routinely perform pest control service on these truck I know I worked for the largest do it yourself truck rental company as in the world as a store manager and also worked in the there service centers for four years and I never saw or had anyone perform a single pest control device on a truck. The blankets and equipment are not routinely inspected and treated for bedbugs.

Their staff of mostly part time employees and students have never been trained to inspect and identify bed bugs and quarantine the vehicle or equipment for treatment. Which would require a fumigation much like a tent job for a home would in order to guarantee its bed bug free.

Now as certified pest control operator I understand the peril this puts unsuspecting customers, and how it can quickly turn into a very expensive proposition to the tune of $400 to $800 per room for a complete treatment and the additional expense of replacing mattresses and furniture, but you could never prove it came from one of there trucks.

So before you haul that furniture yourself think of the real cost and look for professional mover that has there truck inspected, monitored and treated by a professional exterminator on a regular basis. Sure it’s more expensive but it could be less costly in the long run.

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