Multi Unit Dwelling Protocols for German Cockroach Control

Here are the multi unit dwelling protocols for German cockroach control we use to for the most effective control with the least amount of contamination.
Multi Unit Dwelling Protocols for German Cockroach Control

Multi Unit Dwelling Protocols for German Cockroach Control

This protocol is part of an integrated pest management program for multi unit apartment pest control program.

There are no short cuts to controlling German roach infestations in commercial or multi unit dwellings and there is no one-time quick fix spray service that will control a German roach infestation, this requires a long term commitment to correcting deficiencies, following the program and maintaining a general level of cleanliness.

If roach infestation is severe remove live roaches, carcasses, egg casings, feces with RIDGID Model # WD4522 wet dry vacuum with bag and filter.

If feces is severe clean out cabinets with water and bleach solution, you must wait a minimum of 5 days to perform pest control treatment protocol below or bleach will contaminate and neutralize pesticide baits and products.

Perform void dust treatment with Avert Dry Flowable roach dust behind electrical outlets, cabinet voids and water pipes under and in kitchens and bathrooms.

Treat all kitchen and bath cabinets, behind stove and refrigerator with Advion Roach Gel.

Place Point Source IGR Disk 1 in kitchen 1 in Bathroom.

Place Maxforce FC Station 3 in kitchen 1 in bathrooms and 1 in rooms experiencing roaches.

Place insect monitors 3 in kitchen 1 in a bathroom and in every room roaches were spotted.

Seal holes from water pipes with DapTex Foam.

If infestations have moved to other rooms in the home perform steps above in each room.

Perform Post Service instructions with tenant proper cleaning and what to avoid.

Schedule a follow-up inspection and service in 30 days.

Inspect and replace monitors and treat with Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Gel.

Go over the findings and consult with the tenant.

Schedule a follow-up visit in 30 days.

Depending on the level of infestation after 60 days a follow-up visit could be made 30 to 90 days apart. With preventive services and inspections every 90 days there on.

Rotating Roach Gel between Maxforce Magnum and Advion every 90 days.

Replace Maxforce Roach Stations and Point Source IGR every 90 Days.

Estimated man hours for initial service per unit 1.5 hours.

Estimated man hours for follow up per unit for follow ups is 30 to 45 minutes.

On average you can archive 80% to 95% control within the first service at 30 days. With 99% to 100% control after 3 to 9 months.

Major factors to achieving control are the cooperation of tenant to maintain hygiene standards, reduce clutter and avoid using products like bleach and ammonia to avoid decontamination of products.

Tenant must avoid trying to perform their own pest control by applying sprays and foggers during treatment as this will contaminate all the products.

DO NOT USE any pesticide sprays during or after or for that matter ever this will destroy all the hard work put in to control roaches, sprays are counter productive, less effective and more toxic.

Read and follow label directions to ensure the safest pest control service possible. The label is the law.

Contact your state government or extension service before performing any pest control service to the multi unit dwelling.

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