Zika Virus from Aades Mosquito in Miami South Florida

With the new Zika Virus from Aades Mosquito in Miami South Florida many people are calling to get mosquito control service, before you panic know the facts.
Zika Virus from Aades Mosquito in Miami South Florida

Zika Virus from Aades Mosquito in Miami South Florida

Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency for four South Florida counties Hillsborough, Lee, Miami-Dade, and Santa Rosa.

The Centers For Disease Control has the most recent and reputable information on the spread of the disease.

The 4 most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis.

The symptoms from the Zika virus is usually mild, lasting from several days to a week. It is uncommon to be hospitalized from contracting the disease.

Bites from Aedes mosquitoes infected with the virus transmit the Zika virus to humans, these are the same mosquitoes that can spread Chikungunya and dengue

Unlike other species of mosquitoes that mainly bite at sunrise and sunset Aedes mosquitoes are aggressive daytime biters but they can also bite at night, the best protection against being bitten

The virus can also be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her child during pregnancy or around the time of birth. Studies are being performed to understand how the virus is transmitted from the mother to the child.

Currently there is no vaccine to prevent Zika, protection and prevention is the best control.

Walk through your property and remove any standing water to prevent mosquitoes from depositing their eggs and enabling larva from breeding on your property.

Plants inside your home change out the water daily to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your home.

Make sure your screens are I good working order, repair and replace damaged screens.

Avoid planting plants like bromeliads that store water and become breeding sites for mosquitoes.

If you have fountains or bird baths change the water daily.

Storm drains nearby can harbour mosquito and larva if you are experiencing mosquitoes after checking all the above contact mosquito control for your city to come out and inspect drains and treat if nessesary.

Wear lite colored clothing.
Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants and cover as much skin as possible.
Stay Indoors in places with air conditioning.
Only use EPA registered insect repellents.

Mosquito reduction services are to reduce mosquito populations with insecticide sprays along with IGR insect growth regulators, they will not control or repel airborne mosquito nor do they prevent the virus and disease spread by mosquitoes.

Mosquito control service should be used in conjunction with integrated pest management which includes eliminating water and breeding sites, along with proper clothing and use of repellents.

Remember prevention is the best control.

If you have taken measures to reduce mosquito populations and are still experiencing mosquitoes on your property you may need a mosquito control service.

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