Free boxes for moving could cost you more than you think

Free boxes for moving could cost you more than you think

Free boxes for moving could cost you more than you think
A move is expensive enough so most people try to save money by getting free boxes from there grocery store, pharmacy, or office supply, but most just go dumpster diving for them, those free boxes for moving could cost you more than you think.

Most people do not see the harm in this, but if you understood roach biology you would never in your life do this, I get calls from people all the time telling me how just after they moved they started to get roaches and they never had roaches before.

The first question I ask is where did you get your boxes? Well I got them from my grocery store they say, chances are that’s where they came from. You see roaches love to get into those crevices in the corrugate of the boxes and lay there eggs there and when you get them home they hatched in your home, most people take days or even weeks to unpack leaving those boxes laying around, some put them in the garage other reuse them to store things in there closet or in the attic.

A German roach only needs about six weeks to produce an egg casing and when they hatch that single egg casing can produce 24 to 48 roaches, assuming half are female in just one months what is just one roach is now an infestation, if not dealt with this can mean several hundred roaches in just 3 months.

To avoid this buy boxes from reputable sources such as moving companies, truck rental places, or storage facilities although it may seem expensive it does not compare to the cost and aggravation of dealing with a roach problem latter.

If you have an infestation the wisest thing to do is hire a professional exterminator that uses Integrated Pest Management along with roach baits and (IGR’s) Insect Growth Regulators to control the infestation.

At all costs avoid using over the counter sprays or a company that offers you a cheap baseboard spray service to control roaches, every research shows this is the most ineffective way to control roaches and can actually just make it worse.

Roach sprays can repel roaches into your walls and behind your cabinets causing them to nest there only to require more useless spraying. Some pest control companies in order to cater to people with limited budgets will just use pyrethroids that by nature repel bugs, why because they can show up start spraying in one end of the house come out the other end in 15 minutes charge you $35 for a one time spray and then wait till you call them again next month, creating viscous cycle. This does not solve your problem in reality it’s unnecessary and worse yet they contaminated your home unnecessarily.

We provide affordable German roach Control starting at $68.88. If hiring a pest control company is not in your budget then you can do it yourself in three simple steps see our video for a environmentally responsible way to get up to 100% German roach control.

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