Buying used furniture could get you a serious pest infestation.

Buying used furniture could get you a serious pest infestation.

Buying used furniture could get you a serious pest infestation.
With really tight budgets families are opting to buy used furniture, buying used furniture could get you a serious pest infestation. With online sites people are selling their used stuff easier and cheaper than ever before and for families on tight budgets these deals are just to good to pass up, that is until you buy an infested piece of furniture with reaches, bedbugs, or termites.

All of the sudden that great deal is costing you hundreds even thousands of dollars, not to mention the mental agony and stress of dwelling with a problem as serious as bedbugs or termites.

Because most people have not been trained to spot pest damage or infestation they wouldn’t know it if they saw it, I get calls all the time asking for us to come out because they think they have termites and it turns out to be a harvester ant problem or a tick problem that turns out to be bed bugs.

When you spend months and year looking at pests, studying there body parts, fecal matter and eggs, feeding habits and the damage they cause you can easily spot a potential pest problem before it starts. Most people will walk by a pest and not notice, as real pest control professionals when you see 5 to 10 properties per day 365 days a year you know what your looking at and for but the average person dosent.

And this is why so many infestations happen every day to common people and with problems as severe as bedbugs you really don’t want to take a chance.

You nothing about the people you are buying them from they might look like nice clean people but that does not mean that they can’t have a severe pest problem you know nothing about, you don’t know if they have stayed at hotel with a bedbug problem, or have traveled in a taxi in a third world country where they could have easily carried one home.

Unless you know what your looking for chances are you wont find it, in most cases we have to use magnifying glasses with head lamps or black lights in order to find a pest and we know what we are looking for.

Your better off buying a new lower priced piece of furniture you can afford from a reputable retailer than paying for it in pest control later on.

Never buy or accept a mattress from someone you know absolutely nothing about.

If you are experience a pest problem and can’t identify it please give us a call our university trained integrated pest management specialist can perform an inspection for you if they can’t id it we have board certified entomologist at our disposal that can, either way you will get a correct diagnosis.

Do not attempt to identify and treat an infested piece of furniture yourself as not getting control could create a serious health and structural problem for you.

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