The easiest and most effective pest prevention technique for under $20 [VIDEO]

Would you like to be able to perform a pest prevention treatment to your home with only one service per year that you can perform with a natural product pesticide that you will never come in contact with you for under $20 per year, yes that’s twenty dollars per year.

Dusting wall void with bulb duster
Dusting wall void with bulb duster

Pest Prevention & Control

When most people think of pest control they think of trails of ants or roaches in their kitchen. Pest control is just that controlling pest after the fact and just enough so they don’t become a nuisance or worst yet a health problem. But little or no thought is placed on pest prevention.

Pest Prevention

When you think of pest prevention its usually it’s after the fact, to most it’s like thinking of fire prevention you try to remember not to leave the stove on but that is as far as it goes, I mean you clean your home well, throw out the trash on a regular basis and don’t leave any bread crumbs or dirty cups on the counter. Insects don’t think like we do that have one track minds latterly, their job is to find shelter, get water, find food, reproduce and do it all over again, that’s why they invade your home, you can be the most OCD clean freak and still experience pest infestations. I hear this from new clients all the time “I keep my house very clean as you can see, I don’t even allow my kids to eat and their rooms, I don’t know where all these ants come from”. I explain it has nothing to do with that, I mean if you don’t clean you are compounding the problem but most people keep their home very clean. It has to with their needs, insects are opportunistic. Water, food and shelter and your home was the most convenient place.

The Most Effective Pest Prevention Secret

So I’m going to share with you one of the most effective and closely guarded pest prevention secret in the pest control industry. It is so simple that you would not have guessed it if I tied you to a chair and threatened your life. It’s the void dust treatment. This is by far the most effective pest prevention service you could ever perform to your home. This is why it is included in all our pest removal and initial services. The void treatment works in the following way, pest enter your home through thousands of available opening in your home, once inside they will use many ways to get to your food the easiest way is your electrical conduit pipes in your walls where all your wall switches and outlets are. You can put a barrier of protection inside your walls and create a minefield that eliminates and reduces infestations. Why your walls? Your walls have a perfect shelter and plenty of warmth and humidity where they can live and get water all they need is your food, and that is why you see trails of ants, when you see a trail its most certain they have found food and they are taking it back to their nests usually inside your walls and behind your cabinets, if you spray them all you do is kill the workers but inside somewhere in your home is a nest or in some cases hundreds of nests. This is why most pest control services are ineffective at controlling pest especially baseboard sprays, most of the time an applicator will use a repellent spray causing the insects to detect it and hide or find an alternative route. So now that you read my theses statement I will tell you how to perform the most important pest prevention service you can ever perform for under $20.

Tools you will need:

    • A screwdriver usually a flat one but for some a Phillips screwdriver will be required.
    • A small blade like a box cutter or utility blade
    • A Dust mask, nothing expensive a good quality dust mask not a respirator.
    • Some latex or nitrile gloves
    • A pair of safety glasses
    • A bottle of Cimexa Dust, More on this product shortly.

Lest Start The Treatment

Now that you have your tools ready let’s get to work. You start out by removing the switch and outlet plates, I start out in the kitchens, I recommend you do all the plates in the home but if you can’t, do the kitchen and baths, that is a must. Once you remove the plate put the screws in a place you won’t loose them because if Murphy rides with you, you will be removing the trap in your sink to get them out. Trust me I know! If you have paint around the plates you can use that blade I recommended and cut around the plate to release it.

Cutting around painted wall outlet plate to remove without damaging wall
Cutting around painted wall outlet plate to remove without damaging wall
Removing wall outlet plate
Removing wall outlet plate

WARNING: NEVER STICK ANY OBJECT INSIDE THE GANG BOX WHERE THE WIRES ARE, YOU WILL BE ELECTROCUTED. This has never personally happened to me because I don’t stick stuff in the gang box or electric box. But rather you want to look at the OUTSIDE sides, top and bottom of the electric box and with your screwdriver flat or phillips try make a small opening usually the width of the screwdriver is enough to where you can put the tip through the wall and make an opening so you can insert the tip of the Dust Bottle and give a couple of puffs inside that void between the dry wall and the outside wall. You want it to be a dusting not a glob of dust the insect does not eat it but you want to create a minefield where they can walk across it and get it all over their body.

Screwdriver Inserted Under Outlet Box
Screwdriver Inserted Under Outlet Box

CimeXa Insecticide Dust

How the product works, Cimexa is a desiccant dust made from Silica, you know those little bags inside furniture and medicine bottles that say silica do not eat. Yeap that stuff kills insects. When an insect walks across it, The Cimexa dust sticks to their body and dries out their exoskeleton and it literally die like if cut apart by a ninja warrior they never knew what hit them.

Dusting wall void with bulb duster
Dusting wall void with bulb duster

This product does not bring the population down right away but works over time and helps prevent infestations by getting them when they try to get in your home and make the mistake of crawling around in your walls. I love to use it in combination with liquid, gel and granular bait products to eliminate pest infestations, and best of all its natural and it’s inside your walls so your children and pets never come in contact with it. It’s like a magical barrier of fairy dust.

Cimexa Insecticide Dust
Cimexa Insecticide Dust

If you would like to purchase Cimexa Natural Insecticide Dust or would like to read the label and MSDS Click Here.


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