We don’t spray your property anymore.

I get calls from my clients that have been with me some since I started in the pest control business almost 10 years ago, saying “you were at my house but you forgot to spray my hibiscus”. You may be asking why we don’t spray your property anymore.

After 10 years of trying every product under the sun, nothing has been so predictable and effective as our systemic treatments program. Can you imagine trying to spray your palms trees and shrubs with the unpredictable weather we have in South Florida you would be so mad if you paid for a pesticide spraying and it rained right after.

The good news is we don’t spray your trees, shrubs or palms. We are 100% systemic root drench treatments on all your plants, trees and shrubs that are woody ornamentals and that experience pest infestation or re-infestations, we treat with a systemic insecticide at the root level of the plant and the plant does the job of taking it up through its vascular system protecting the plant for up to 12 month chewing piercing sucking insects, on average we get 11 month. We have cases that we get 15 months but those are rare. To date, we have never had a failure with know this product except with Duranta Gold Mound and Gumbo Limbo which must be treated every 3 months but that is not a product failure that is just the way the product is treated by those to plants. In addition to that, we fertilize with our new liquid 85% slow release nitrogen fertilizer along with the systemic insecticide, this is a plus because of no more granules in your mulch and no staining.

This is why we don’t spray anymore, chances are and I haven’t sprayed your garden in over 4 years some in over 8 years since we started trials, all we spray is your lawn and the occasional fungus spray, that’s because they don’t have systemic fungicides yet. We spray your lawn with the same systemic insecticide, on average we get 2 months of continuous pest control against chinchbugs and grubs or other chewing sucking insects, that is 1 month and 45 days longer than with traditional contact insecticides even in the rainy season. About consistency and effectiveness on average we only get 2 to 3 complaints a year where the product failed every year since 2006.

Customers that are on our premium all inclusive monthly service program aren’t getting a monthly spraying they are getting a programmed treatment schedule that we customize and finance at a 0% APR which allows them the ability to get all the services they need with one monthly payment they can budget for, instead of getting a huge bill once or twice a year.

Our Premium treatment service schedule is as fallows

All shrubs are treated every 6 months now, we used to treat every 12 months or in some cases sooner, this change in service is based on a new scientific study on how imidacloprid the active ingredient behaves in soils with high ph or calcareous soils alkalinity.

spray your property
Ficus Treated Once-A-Year With Dominion 2L

Palms are treated every 4 months along with our new palm pro 12-4-12 which is the formulation recommended by the university of Florida, we used to perform systemic treatments every 12 months or in some cases sooner, this change is based on the same study.

Pygmy Date Palm Fertilized Every 4 Months With 12-4-12 Palm Pro
Pygmy Date Palm Fertilized Every 4 Months With 12-4-12 Palm Pro

The only thing we spray is the lawns and every two months because it is still the only way to apply the product, we could switch to a granular but it takes up to much room in the trucks and the cost is about 30% more this is not financially feasible for us nor you the client, unlike trees and shrub your lawn has millions of roots. Why spray my lawn every two months? Because every time you mow the lawn you remove the portion of the leaf blade where the pesticide is stored and the pesticide only lasts an on average 30 days in the soil then it’s bio-degraded and the plant is the one that stores the pesticide inside of it.

If you are complete all in one lawn, shrub, tree palm and home premium client, then we offer free of charge on monthly basis a complete inspection of your entire garden to ensure quality and consistency, if something is not going well and it’s under our core competency we fix it and you never hear about it, we also inspect the irrigation system adjust the timers, heads, and nozzles if required also free of charge. If something is broken we notify you so you can have it fixed or offer to have it repaired for you.
If you are not on our premium monthly program members then we service your property when your programed service is due every months for homes and lawns, every 4 months for palms and every 6 months for trees and shrubs, in this case it’s a pay per service program.

Aren’t you glad we don’t spray your property anymore!

We give you superior protection at the price of cheap sprays that only last a few days at best. We only want satisfied customers with beautiful pest free gardens.


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