Stay in a cheep hotel and you could take home bed bugs

Stay in a cheep hotel and you could take home bed bugs

Families on tight budgets plan for vacations, and to save money you may choose to stay in a cheep hotel and you could take home bed bugsStay in a cheep hotel and you could take home bed bugs

You’ve been driving all day and the wife is tired the kids are restless and your wife says it’s getting late we should stop and rest, where are we going to stay, you say I don’t know but I will pull over at the next rest stop and get a travelers magazine and find us a hotel.

You get off everyone has to use the bathroom and everyone is hungry so you find a restaurant to get some dinner and start looking at the magazine and a dozen hotels near the stop are offering great rates for the night, oh this looks good it only $39 per night, your wife says I don’t know it dosent look all that appealing, look at those bed covers how ugly, see if there is one with nice white linen, you turn and say the nearest one is 10 miles away and its $129 per night I’m not going to spend that It’s only for one night.

So of you go to bed and and when you wake up the next morning you go on your merry way, on the drive your wife complains she has an itch, she is scratching uncontrollably so you say let me take a a look and she has these little red spots on the side it’s probably mosquito bites I’ll get you some lotion at the next stop. During your vacation the rash goes away and you think nothing more of it.

Weeks after your get home your kids are complaining of itching and your wife says something is biting the kids you get some lotion and put it on, but for days every day they are getting more bites on their ankles, legs, side and your wife says I think the kids are getting bitten by something you say it’s fire ants or mosquitoes from leaving the door open all the time, how many times do I have to tell you not to leave the door open.

One day your wife is changing the sheet and notices little brown things in the bed oh no I think we have bedbugs but how, she goes online and Google,s bed bug pictures and call you at work screening saying we have bed bugs, bedbugs no way we don’t have bed bugs that doesn’t happen to people like us.

When you get home she has one in glass bottle full of alcohol see it’s a bed bug, OMG we have bedbugs but how. At this point your first reaction is to go to the home improvement store and buy foggers. Please resist this macho egotistic reaction on how you can fix anything and call a professional.

This is more common than you think and a huge problem facing the hotel industry, the reality is that most major chains have bedbugs protocols in place to id bedbugs by their staff when changing the sheets, they even have bedbugs sniffing dogs come in the middle of the night to sniff out empty rooms and professional companies to treat if they even suspect their might be a bedbug.

But a lot of low budget hotels do not as this is very expensive and the price you pay to stay at a reputable hotel is because of all the hygiene practices and quality standard they have, before you stay at any hotel look online for any complaints about bed bugs and reviews on the cleanliness of the hotel. If it’s questionable keep driving.

The cost treating your home for bedbugs, replacing mattresses and other furnishing’s, the pain, discomfort and aggravation is not worth it.

If you have a bed bug problem and need an environmentally responsible bed bug control service that won’t put your family in any further danger please contact us, we do not recommend you attempt to perform a bed bug service yourself for reliable bedbug information we recommend the following respected university studies on bed bugs and bedbug control.

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