Free pest control

Free Pest Control

A Simple Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Buy a Complete Lawn & Shrub Care Program

Get Your Home Pest Control For Free.

That is a savings of $495 per year.

In case you misunderstood read the fine print.

Buy a Complete Lawn & Shrub Care Program and Get Your Home Pest Control For Free. That is a savings of $495 per year.

While other companies have you fill out two contracts with two separate charges for your lawn care and for your home pest control we only charge you for one and give you the finest in eco friendly pest control for FREE.

Oh wait and there is no contract you can cancel anytime and no initial setup fees.

We give you best integrated pest management and prevention service, with the latest and least toxic products at a reasonable price without a contract. You get free pest control interior protection as long as you continue to have a lawn and shrub care program. If you ever experience a general indoor pest we will perform a free pest control service at no additional charge.

There are some qualifications

You have to be the home owner.

It is for single family homes only.

Your property must have a minimum of 10,000 square feet of lawn.

Excludes Trees, Palms, Ficus and Whiteflies and shrubs over 4 feet.

Homes with current pest infestations will require a one time pest elimination fee of $248.88

Not Available In All Areas, Please see manager for complete details.

Whats included

Lawn insects including grubs, weed, disease control and super nutrition.

Shrub Insects scale, aphids, and mealy bugs, disease control and super nutrition

Indoor insects ants*, roaches, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes.

We wish we could include more but we can’t give away the farm.

Wait there is more, the quote is free.

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