How Dangerous are Mosquitoes In Miami Dade?

Mosquitoes are the #1 killer worldwide. They are responsible for more than 750,000 deaths worldwide each year. The 2nd deadliest animal in the world is snakes, with more than 50,000 deaths attributed to them.

Mosquitoes are so deadly! Because they can spread harmful viruses such as malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, Zika virus, yellow fever, chikungunya, eastern equine encephalitis, and many more. However, not all mosquitoes can spread all mosquito-borne viruses, and not all mosquito-borne diseases have a home in the United States.

When we had Zika virus outbreaks, this disease was not yet localized. When considering the threat of mosquitoes found in the United States, we must consider all the factors.

Fumigacion Contra Mosquitos En MiamiThe excellent news About Mosquitoes on your skin

We are fortunate to live in a country that is relatively immune to the spread of mosquito-borne viruses. The good news is we have access to an excellent medical system.If you get sick from a mosquito-borne virus, you will probably not die. It has quick access to essential medical services that are not available to people in third-world countries. One of the main reasons so many people die from mosquito-borne viruses is. There is a lack of available medical assistance or ambulance service.

We have productive coverage for pest control Households, companies, and municipalities are investing in mosquito control. Even if you don’t have pest control services for your Miami Dade beach home, you benefit from others who do. This helps slow the spread of viruses through our region. This is not an advantage shared by people in third-world countries.

We have a mosquito monitoring system.

We have an arbovirus monitoring system in the U.S. that helps with virus detection. When a virus outbreak is detected, a disease alert is issued. While this alert system certainly isn’t perfect, it does play a role in protecting Florida residents from disease.

The bad about mosquitoes in Miami Dade

While most U.S. residents are resistant to mosquito-borne viruses, here in south Florida, we face challenges regarding mosquitoes. Here’s the bad news.
Out humid conditions play a vital role.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and wet conditions. The flat, swampy areas of South Florida are substantial breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
We can treat these areas routinely to reduce mosquito populations.

Mosquitoes thrive in temperate climates.
Most mosquitoes are fragile organisms that need a lot of moisture and heat. They both get in Florida, especially in South Florida, near the coast. Miami Beach is like the perfect storm for mosquitoes.

Travel around the world

Fly in and out of Miami International Airport every day. We live in a time of consent for the travel world. This makes it easy for viruses like malaria and Zika to be transported to the state with an infected individual.

How to mitigate the Mosquito threat

At NaturePest, we offer homeowners effective mosquito control options in Miami Dade. We use products and methods to target mosquitoes in two places that matter most: where they nest and where they rest.
When mosquitoes come into your garden to lay eggs and produce hundreds of biting pests for you to treat, we can stop them by installing in2care mosquito traps. These traps provide an ideal breeding ground that neutralizes the eggs and eliminates the female mosquitoes that try to breed in them.
When mosquitoes are looking for a place to rest in their yard, we can make these mosquitoes repent. Our service team applies mosquito mist to crucial areas where mosquitoes are resting. This helps break the breeding cycle by eliminating mosquitoes before they can reproduce.

Do you have questions about Mosquito Control?

If so, we have answers. Contact NaturePest. We have Holistic Pest Control experts ready to answer your questions and set you up with one-time mosquito treatments or continuous seasonal mosquito control. You don’t have to let mosquitoes make you sick. Protect yourself starting today. Learn more about our options for South Florida pest control and commercial pest control.

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