Why a pesticide spray program won’t control an infestation

Programmed pesticides exterior barrier spray and indoor baseboard spray applications are the most common pest control service but a pesticide spray program won’t control an infestation.

Exterior monthly, bimonthly or quarterly insecticide barrier spray applications are effective at preventing pests from entering a property by killing pests on contact or allowing pests to carry them on there bodies.

Interior baseboard sprays work in the same way mostly killing pests that walk across the insecticide spray that made it inside crossing the exterior barrier spray.

The problem with these types of services is that it creates a false sense of security from both the home owner and the pest control technicians thinking that the home is protected while never performing a complete service of sealing or inspecting, and monitoring for nests and infestations.

The typical response to infestations that occur during spray application is to blame it on pesticide resistance on behalf of the technicians by changing the pesticide, and that could be since most don’t rotate there pesticide classes in accordance with sound pest management practices, the second response is to add more pesticide by increasing the dosages which could make sense if you have been using the lowest rate.

Meanwhile both the homeowner and the technicians think the changes are working because they are seeing more dead roaches not realizing that the reason for more kills is more pests, the pest infestation is escalating this can carry on for months and even years not realizing it’s getting worse.

This goes on for years until the home owner has enough and changes pest control company only to have them perform the same barrier sprays with the same type of pesticide with no improvement, desperate the home owner gets talked into or decides what they need is more pesticides more often and schedule a monthly service or buys his own sprayer to help the pest control guy out.

Meanwhile it’s getting worse, what both the client and the technician have failed to understand is that in spite all the spraying they have an infestation that cannot be controlled by sprays and neither know what to do other than spray.

How do I know this, because I see it on a daily basis during conversations with potential clients and in inspections. Sprays can control some types of infestations such as with fleas and ticks sometimes it’s the only way.

But for roach infestations you have to do much more than spray and some pest control people either don’t know what to do or are not willing to do it and the first thing they have to do is to stop spraying.

The only way to control an infestation is though an integrated pest management service by finding the nesting sites, treat with non toxic desiccant dusts in voids where pests are nesting and use granular and gel baits that allows them to take it back to their nesting sites along with an IGR to control the growth of the pests, seal off large holes and gaps inside and outside like under the sink where pipes come in through the wall allowing easy access to large and small roaches.

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