What is the best trap for an iguana? IGGYTRAPS For Humane Live Trapping!

Is it illegal to trap iguanas in Florida?

Like all nonnative reptile species, green iguanas are not protected in Florida except by anti-cruelty law and can be humanely killed on private property with landowner permission. This species can be captured and humanely killed year-round and without a permit or hunting license on 32 public lands in South Florida.



Introduction to the Iguana Crisis In South Florida

In the latest “Living the Wildlife” episode from the Pest Geek Podcast, host and Wildlife Control Consultant Stephen Vantassel delves into “Confronting the Iguana Invasion: Innovative Trapping Solutions with IggyTrap.” This chapter introduces the escalating issue of iguana infestation in South Florida, inviting readers to explore the innovative solutions and strategies discussed in the episode.

The Genesis of IggyTrap 

Meet Pierce, the president and owner of Iggy Trap, who shares his journey into wildlife control, starting from his days at Florida Atlantic University. This chapter explores how Pierce’s firsthand experiences with iguanas in Boca Raton led to the inception of IggyTrap, a company at the forefront of iguana-trapping technology.

Understanding the Iguana Invasion

Pierce provides an in-depth look at the iguana infestation in South Florida, highlighting the Green Iguana as the most prevalent species. This chapter examines their status as an invasive species and traces the history of their proliferation in the region, from Orlando to Key West.

The Environmental Impact of Invasive Iguana Species

This chapter sheds light on other invasive species in South Florida, such as the Argentinian tegus, and draws parallels with the environmental impacts caused by invasive Burmese pythons. It emphasizes the need for effective wildlife control strategies to maintain ecological balance.

Innovative Solutions for Iguana Management

Focusing on the challenges in managing the iguana population, this chapter discusses the innovative solutions and strategies presented in “Confronting the Iguana Invasion.” It highlights IggyTrap’s role in developing eco-friendly trapping methods and offers insights for those facing similar wildlife control dilemmas.

What is the best trap for an iguana?

The Iggy Trap Humane Live Trap, designed for capturing multiple iguanas, is often considered one of the best options for humanely trapping these reptiles. This trap is specifically tailored to the unique behaviors and characteristics of iguanas, ensuring effective and ethical capture.

Key features of the Iggy Trap Humane Live Trap include:

  1. Size and Design: The trap is large enough to accommodate multiple iguanas at once, reducing the need for multiple traps. Its design usually includes features that mimic the natural environment of the iguanas to lure them in more effectively.

  2. Humane Capture: This trap is designed to capture iguanas without causing harm. It typically uses a mechanism that safely contains the animal without inflicting injury.

  3. Baiting and Attraction: The trap may include or suggest specific types of bait known to attract iguanas, such as fruits or vegetables.

  4. Durability: Made from robust materials, the trap can withstand outdoor conditions and the potential wear and tear from captured iguanas.

  5. Ease of Use: It’s generally user-friendly, allowing for easy set-up, baiting, and release of the iguanas after capture.

  6. Safety for Users: The trap is designed to be safe for the person setting it up and checking it, minimizing the risk of injury.

  7. Environmental Consideration: The trap is designed to have minimal impact on the environment and non-target species.

When using the Iggy Trap or any other trapping method, it’s important to adhere to local wildlife regulations and ensure that the trapping process is as humane and ethical as possible. In some areas, specific permits may be required to trap iguanas, especially if they are considered a protected species. Always check with local wildlife authorities or pest control professionals for guidance and legal requirements before attempting to trap iguanas.


The Way Forward in Wildlife Conservation

This Podcast eflects on the importance of sustainable solutions in wildlife control. It underscores the need for continued innovation in tackling invasive species and preserving ecosystems, encouraging readers to engage with Stephen Vantassel for further queries and discussions on wildlife control.

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