During bad weather, our highest priority is to be rain safe for the health and safety of our associates, get good results for our clients, and protect our environment.

rain safe

For the safety of our technicians, we do not permit services to be performed during rain, hail, thunder, lightning, or winds in excess of 10 miles per hour as required by state law. Work is stopped at the first sign of thunder or lightning since lightning can travel 10 miles or more and strike. No work is performed under light rain or drizzle. In persistent bad weather, services may be delayed, changed, or suspended until weather permits the safe performance of such services.

Our Services Are Rain Safe

Foliar spray on shrubs is a contact control product that kills insects on contact with very little residual and is rain safe within an hour, for this reason, we do not make any spray application if we cannot predict rain within 60 minutes or more.

Our pest control service is specifically designed to deal with the South Florida subtropical climate including, high heat, humidity, and rain in excess of 60 inches per year.

Almost all our products are rain safe, activated, or enhanced by our rainfall such as our systemic shrub tree and palm treatments which are applied at or below the soil and root line for maximum absorption by the plant. Since shrubs are not sprayed there is virtually no risk of product loss.

On lawns, most manufacturers recommend applying up to an inch of water within 1 to 2 days to push products down into the thatch and root zone so irrigation systems and rain perform that service for us.

In-home and perimeter service we use many products in many places that can be protected from excessive rain fall and in heavy rain season we apply coated bait products that are rain resistant.

In the event of a predicted storm, we will perform only services with products and procedures that will be utilized or enhanced by such events.

Protecting the environment from runoff into storm drains is of the utmost importance because of this we do not spray paves, sidewalks, driveways, or any other paved or hard surface to prevent runoff of products into our water supply caused by rain or irrigation.