Fleas and ticks can be a problem at different times of the year in South Florida. Our Natural and Organic Flea and Tick Service can solve your problem with virtually no contamination.

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Fleas are completely different than ticks in both genetics and biology they belong to two different types of pest species, fleas belong to the insect family, and ticks to the arachnid family ticks are related to spiders.

What will work to control fleas won’t necessarily work to control ticks, our unique process will work to control both.

A female flea can produce an egg per hour, that’s 24 eggs per day on average.

One flea can turn into 90,000 fleas in just 30 Days.

An average female tick can lay from 4000 to 6500 eggs after feeding on your dog.


A flea can jump up to 13 inches. While a tick only crawls short distances to find a host.

15 diseases are transmitted by ticks Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Borrelia, Colorado tick fever, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease Powassan disease, Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis, STARI Southern tick-associated rash illness, Tickborne relapsing fever (TBRF), Tularemia 364D rickettsiosis.

Our process controls both adult fleas, ticks, and their eggs.

Don’t live with fleas and ticks putting your family’s health at risk, our effective natural and organic flea and tick control service

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