Eco Friendly Restaurant Food Beverage Clean Out Pest Control Service

A Pest Problem Will Ruin Your Reputation An Get You Closed Down!

We understand your image is your brand and customer loyalty is built on trust, so trust the experts at NaturePest to protect your restaurant, food truck or take out food service business form pests.

If your restaurant has been shut down by the health department in Miami for roach pest infestation, our Eco Friendly Restaurant Food Beverage Clean Out Pest Control Service will get you re-opened quickly.

Roaches and rodents spread disease like salmonella and e coli bacteria on all your surfaces, equipment coolers, dishes, cookware and soda fountains causing food poisoning, if pest levels get too high the health department can shut you down until they are reduced to safe operating level in order to ensure food safety and protect public health.

With traditional insecticide sprays you can get a quick knockdown to reopen but not get control of the infestation potentially getting you shut down again and worse yet have a food poisoning outbreak that can ruin your reputation and lead law suits shutting you down permanently.

With traditional pest control methods you can get a quick knock down but contaminate your carts, cookware and surfaces with chemical and leave behind the bacteria from the infestation and chemical residues from the service. Either it’s bad news.

Our unique pest control process removes the pests by hunting them down targeting them and removing them from the premises using natural air, steam and vacuum we can get a natural quick knock down preventing the contamination.

Traditional cleaning products methods destroy most pesticides leaving your restaurant unprotected and do little to decontaminate it from pathogens left behind.

Our steam sterilization service can treat all your surfaces, equipment, vending machines, ice makers, fountain dispensers, with sterilizing natural steam without the use of chemicals. We can also provide a deep clean and grease removal of stoves, fryers and ovens.

Once clean and open we can begin implementing our food and beverage facilities integrated pest management programs to control and prevent pest problems. Which includes trapping, exclusion, monitoring, inspection, baits, insect growth regulators, cleaning enzymes and many other protocols and procedures along our consulting services.

Pricing includes clean out service with initial service with follow up visit in 24 hours or as required by Health Inspector then in two weeks after reopening, after which we will schedule regular monthly services. Severe infestations may take several months to completely control. Sanitation services can be performed on the same day of initial service.