You’ve worked hard to get your facility organic compliant and now you need to protect it from a pest infestation and you need an organic facilities IPM integrated pest management program in Miami and Broward.

Organic facilities integrated pest management is not about a periodic treatment program it’s about understanding your business and your unique potential pest problems by developing a strategy to protect your brand and the integrity of your product.

Our experience in preventing pest with IPM Along with Organic products from The National List of approved active ingredients.

Unlike traditinal pest control programs that rely on programmed synthetic pesticide applications to control pests our organic compliant IPM program focuses on preventing pest by frequent monitoring and inspections to ensure pests have not invaded your facility by using, traps, pheromones, monitors and lamps we can intercept a pest before it becomes a problem.

Our focus is on pest exclusion and prevention rather than pesticide application, Organic facilities integrated pest management standards for the organic operation must use preventive practices such as the removal of pest habitats, food sources, and breeding areas.

Exclusion to prevent access to the operations and handling areas.

Management of cultural factors, such as temperature, lighting, humidity, air circulation, to prevent the pest

Controlling pest problems when they do arise by mechanical or physical controls such as traps, light, sound, lures and repellents other non-chemical procedures, only using a chemical approach when these are not effective with substances consistent with The National List.

The National List includes OMRI Organic Materials Review Institute and NOP USDA National Organic Program approved pesticides, baits and IGRs to prevent and control pest.

The use of non listed pesticides are only allowed if the non-chemical protocols and the use of listed pesticides have not been effective in control the pest problem.

Whether it’s a food service, manufacturing, food processing or any other organic facility we can service you.

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