Christmas Lawn Ornaments Could Damage Your Lawn

Christmas Lawn Ornaments Could Damage Your Lawn.

It’s Christmas time and tis the season for lawn ornaments and you want to turn your lawn into a winter wonderland but unless you rotate them every couple of days your Christmas lawn ornaments could damage your lawn.
Christmas Lawn Ornaments Could Damage Your Lawn

You decorate your home to the nines, lights streaming from corner to corner, palm trunks wrapped in light, and lawns full of inflatable and lit lawn ornaments.
It is inevitable that every year many of my customers will put lawn ornaments out for the Christmas season on to find out in January that there lawn is damaged calling us in a frantic state to see if we can fix it, well yea sort of.

Lawn damage from lawn ornament happens because the light cannot penetrate through the ornaments and the lawn cannot photosynthesis, a process plants use to use the sun light in the process of making its own food glucose this causes death to the area.

Damaged areas of your St Augustine lawn will have to be replaced with piece of sod; unfortunately there is no liquid grass we can spray, nor St Augustine seed you can purchase.
If the damaged lawn is not replaced weeds will move in quickly and take over that bald spot. So replace it with sod as soon as possible.

The lawn ornaments create another level of complexity to the lawn care technician in order to properly servicing and treating they may have to remove and reinstall your lawn ornament at an additional cost to you in order to properly treat your lawns to prevent insects and disease.

To prevent damage from happening to your lawn you should rotate the lawn ornaments every couple of days to a new spot.

If you are leaving town for a week remove the lawn ornaments until you return.
Having a professional lawn care service will help restore your lawn faster to its former glory.

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