Still using a traditional cheap toxic pesticide spray service in every unit every month after month for years and your units still have roaches and your tenants are complaining, you can have an affordable ECO Friendly apartment condominium pest control service for the same price.

We can convert that non effective spray and pray service into and eco friendly IPM service that will control you pests better at the same price you are now paying.

With our proprietary process utilizing minimum risk and reduced risk pesticides along with the most modern and innovative tactics we can get superior control of roaches than with traditional outdated products without the need for monthly spraying reducing pesticide exposure and happier satisfied tenants reducing your complaints and unit turnovers.

Traditional spray programs do not control roach infestations they only repel and suppress them requiring a vicious cycle of spraying and contaminating floors, surfaces, cabinets, cooking utensils and air but actually does very little to bring roaches under control because it only kills the roaches that come out.

Spray service do not deal with the real problem of reproducing female roaches in places inaccessible to sprays the inside of the structure in cracks crevices and voids. Why? Because because spray methods this is quick and cheap and requires virtually no training so pest control companies can hire the low skilled labor to perform it. Yet they never seem to be able to control roaches.

Whether you have 5 units or 1000 we can develop an affordable ECO Friendly apartment condominium pest control program that works to meet your needs.

IPM Integrated Pest Management is the most effective way proven by decades of University and field studies but it requires a highly trained IPM practitioner to identify, target and control the problem effectively making it very expensive.

This is the same super premium program we have used for years in luxury high rise, hotels and hospitals made affordable even low income housing. We have developed a method allowing us to make it available to everyone.

With a revolutionary process we can make IPM accessible to virtually anyone at an affordable price comparable to what they are spending now.

We understand you have budgets and financial limitations so we will work with you to develop a custom program to get those trouble units under control once and for all, with,

  • No Bidding.
  • No Negotiating or Haggling
  • No Contracts.
  • No Setup or Initial Fees.
  • No Pre-Inspections.
  • No Gimmicks.
  • No Hassles.


All you have to loose is you bug problems and complaining tenants.

  • Our premium program includes
  • Baits
  • Aerosols
  • Dust
  • IGR
  • Sealing
  • Monitors


Qualifying for our program is simple just send us your current agreement to and we will work to match it it’s that simple to get the best for less.

Save us the time of going through a laborious inspection and bidding process and we pass the cost of sales and commissions right back to you.

We can give you a free consultation right over the phone so no need to send a sales person.