Compared to traditional synthetic pesticide spray programs, a natural whitefly control spray program could be implemented.

Natural Whitefly Control

Traditional bimonthly or quarterly synthetic pesticide service programs do not work to control whiteflies effectively and do little increase plant aesthetics, as most traditional spray programs are ineffective because they don’t take into account nor break the life cycle of the pest and are broad spectrum in nature meaning they are designed to kill multiple species of insects which kill off beneficial and pollinators. Most spray programs are designed around the profit requirements of the company performing the service and ability or willingness of the clients budget to support a program they have little to with the actual plant and the insect that attacks that plant and how to control it.

To comply with IPM principles, a naturally based products program would have to be designed around on the general life cycle of whiteflies with frequent scouting every 3 to 5 days with natural pesticide applications applied every 5 to 7 days which would be necessary to break the pest life cycle and control the pest infestation. These programs can be successfully implemented and managed by home owners and property managers that have the ability to scout and inspect plants on a weekly basis and the ability apply naturally based products as required without delay.

Although a natural whitefly control sprays are beneficial to people and pets the spraying of natural products can be toxic to and kill beneficial insects like parasitic wasps and pollinators like bees since it is a pesticide.

For those who a natural program could work for we recommend the following product.

ECO VIA from Rockwell Labs

Natural Whitefly Control

Eco Via is FIFRA 25(b) Exempt Insecticide EcoVia EC fills the need for a highly effective, broad spectrum insecticide while meeting customer and regulatory demands for a green solution.

For more info on this products including label and msds visit the web site link bellow .

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