New Low Cost Eco Friendly Pest Control

Are you experiencing a light cockroach or ant problem in your home, we have a new exciting affordable Eco Friendly pest control option for you with no contracts.

Here’s how it works.

After you have experienced a pest infestation you pick up the phone and call us at 786-222-7069 and tell us what you just witnessed, we will consult you over the phone, schedule your service visit, inspect your home, Identify the level of infestation, and recommend the following treatment options.

American Cockroach Control

You see a large roach walking across the kitchen floor and you scream at the top lungs, this would indicate an American Cockroach infestation in this case we treat under your kitchen stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, water heater, garage, exterior perimeter and mulched areas with an Eco Friendly granular bait that controls and eliminates those large American cockroaches from your home for up to 2 months.

German Roach Control

You turn on the lights in your kitchen at night and watch these little roaches scatter like bandits, this will indicate you have a German Roach infestation. The treatment for German Cockroaches is different than for American Cockroaches in this case we treat all kitchen and bath cabinets with roach bait and place roach bait stations this should control German roaches for up to 3 months.

Ant Control

Whether you have a tiny little ant that you can barely see called a ghost ant, or a black ant trails all over the exterior or inside of your home which could indicate a white footed ant or maybe you see these black ants that are running all over the place which could indicate a crazy ant infestation. We can treat it by placing a targeted ant product specifically for each ant type which could include ant liquid baits station on your counters, ant gel bait placement along trails or granular bait treatment around the exterior perimeter of your home.

frequently asked questions

Are there any long term contracts?

NO, All our services come with no long term contract you can cancel anytime.

Are there any initial fees?

No, All these services are one time services to control specific types of pest problems.

How long do I have to wait before I see results

Baits are slow working as they have to be carried back to the nesting sites and kill the queen or female in order to control the problem, you should experience a rapid reduction of your pest problem within 7 to 14 days. If the problem persists after that period of time this will indicate the infestation is bigger than originally thought and would require an additional follow up service visit at only $85.

How many follow up service visits are required?

In cases where multiple types of pests are present or high to severe pest infestations are present it is normal for 1 to 3 follow up visits in order to get control.

Are these services toxic to my children or pets?

All of our services are performed with protecting your health in mind, with the least toxic products and procedures and are placed in areas where children or pets can’t access them. We use EPA recommended IPM procedures and exempt and low toxicity baits and pesticides to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce pesticide exposure. No one can claim the products or service are 100% safe however our procedures are proven to reduce pesticide exposure indoors by up to 1000% by multiple university studies when compared to traditional pesticide spray applications.

Is your service effective?

Yes, since our services are targeted to specific pest problems we can get better control than tradition broad spray applications. In cases of German Cockroach infestations we can achieve up to 100% control.