How do those big roaches get in my house?

How do those big roaches get in my house?

Those palmetto roaches or American, Australian those big roaches get in my house through the many holes and voids in your home, the cracks in the doors and garage doors, holes in your walls, gaps in the structure and if you have a crawl space through the pipes leading into the house.

Gaps From Drain Pipes In Wall Make Easy Access For Pests

those big roaches get in my house

Large roaches like American Cockroaches are one of the most common indoor pest in structures, although not as prolific a breeder as German, by sealing those gaps with insulation foam like Daptex Plus 12 oz. Window and Door Foam Sealant which does not over expand with easy water clean up you will help prevent roach infestations.

Large Roaches In Various Stages of Growth

large roaches in many stages of development

Roaches they can scare even a grown man when one flies at up into your face or crawls falls on your head and crawls down you arm.

Egg Casing Called An Ootheca

 american cockroach egg casing

1 American roach can lay one egg casing per week in the height of the breeding season each egg casing can produce 16 roaches, it takes about 600 days for a nymph to develop into a mature breeding adult.

During that process known as molting the roaches will change appearance and in size from6 to 14 times making it very difficult to the untrained eye to tell what type of roach they have. An adult roach can live another 400 days once it becomes an adult. An adult female can produce up to 150 roaches in her lifetime. In just 2 years or two generations one roach can produce over 2,000 roaches.

See The Roach and all decaying organic matter build up in the bottom of the drain.Large Roaches In Sewers

But a place most people are unaware of is the sewer system, the sewer system has millions of roaches in it and they can travel up your pipes through you traps and toilets right into your home. The grease, grim gunk that builds up in your pipes are organic matter that roaches and other insects love to feed on so they come up your pipes and enter your home.

Preventing roaches from coming into your home is the most natural roach control service you can perform. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of pesticide.
1. Foam and seal all pipes coming into the home.
2. Foam and seal all holes and void in your home.
3. Make sure all your door seal correctly.
4. Treat and monitor you drains for roaches.

Treat your drains once a month with a biological drain cleaner to remove the organic matter from your drains and prevent them from building up making your drains less attractive to roaches.

To treat drains and monitor drains we recommend using the InVade Bio Drain Gel . NOTICE check your local laws before performing any service to drains.

invade biological drain gel

If you are experiencing a roach problem you cannot solve our affordable roach service might be for you.

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