You Can Exterminate Yourself and Save Money

I will share with you how you can exterminate yourself in a natural way and save hundreds of dollars per year.

You Can Exterminate Yourself

You Can Exterminate Yourself but you have to overcome some misconceptions.

The first step to performing any extermination is to properly identify the insect you are attempting to exterminate.

Exterminating an American Roach infestation is completely different than the way you exterminate a German cockroach infestation.

These may look like roaches to you, and a roach is a roach, right?

Wrong! American and German Roaches are two completely different insect pests and have two totally distinct biology or habits.

These behaviors require two different approaches to achieve complete control

German roaches hide in cracks and crevices, American Roaches hide in voids.

German Roaches are primarily indoor pests, American Roaches re primarily outdoor pest.

German roaches carry their eggs almost to the birth date, American roaches glue eggs to surfaces

German Eggs take up to 6 weeks, American Roach eggs can take 2 months.

German Roach eggs can hatch up to 40 plus roach nymphs, American typically hatch about 16.

German roaches produce an egg capsule about every 6 weeks, American Roaches can vary from weekly to once a month depending on temperatures and humidity.

American roaches can be controlled preferably with roach gel baits, American roaches you will get better control with borate granular baits.

Once you have a correct identification and understand how they behave you can implement a control strategy.

Products such as baits produce the best results over time but are slower than a spray, liquids are best applied as a crack and crevice where they are, insect growth regulators help in controlling egg hatching and nymph molting.

Having this professional knowledge will allow you to exterminate yourself like a pro and save money by not wasting it on products that do not work.

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