5 Home Pest Control Tips That Work To Control Any Problem

Have you tried getting home pest control tips from a local exterminator in Miami it’s easier to perform a root canal for yourself? I’m going to share the most natural home pest control tips you can ever perform on your home is to prevent the pest from ever getting in.

Home Pest Control Tips

Top 5 Home Pest Control Tips

Tip #1 Perform a complete inspection on the exterior of your home, Identify how they are getting. As a professional pest control technician, this is my number 1 job. All the chemical in the world will not prevent a pest from entering a home if you have an opening.

Tip #2 Exclude, by sealing small holes with caulk or foam, installing seals and sweep on doors, replacing damaged soffit vent crawl space screens and doors you can prevent up 90% of all pest infestations.

Tip #3 Modify, habitat modification by removing food, water and hiding areas, trimming bushes away from walls, cleaning debris and clutter will reduce pest presence around your home.

Tip #3 Identify the pest, sugar ants is not a pest identification, knowing the difference between a ghost ant and a whitefooted will determine the control protocol product and procedure, and follow up service that you will be required to make.

Why is this important? Because one may prefer glucose the other sucrose, a bait that will work for one will not work for the other. You must select a product that has that specific pest on the label.

These two ants make different nests in different areas with different amounts of eggs and different amounts of ants in the nest one will have 1000 ants the other up to 1 million, ghost ants make multiple nests that they move if disturbed in the ground, kitchen, flower pots. The white-footed ant will make one giant colony in your attic.

Tip #4 Insect biology, the way they multiply, eat, and make nests this understanding is vital to getting control, spray is not control you can spray an area and kill 1000 ants and have the same trail again in 3 to 4 days.

Tip #5 Products, Must be selected based on the insect biology not the insect type, a product that says “kills ants” will do just that kill, but control is another matter you can kill ants every day for 30 days and never achieve control.

The specific ant must be on the product’s label, you must read the label and follow the directions exactly as it is prescribed.

Having this understanding will allow you to select the right products whether a spray repellant or non-repellant, liquid gel bait, granular bail or a combination.

The reason most people fail to get control is that they do not have this fundamental knowledge of pest control and apply the wrong products or the wrong combination of products.

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