Top 10 Bed Bug Myths and Facts

Top 10 Bed Bug Myths and Facts

bed bug myths and facts
There are a lot of myths out there about bed bugs from snake oil salesmen selling products granting to cure bed bugs to unscrupulousness pest control companies with high pressure fear mongering tactics, we will share with you the top 10 bed bug myths and facts.

Myth #1 Bed bugs will only bite at night.

Bed bugs can bite any time of the day taking a nap during the day can cause bed bugs to bite.

Myth #2 Only homes that are dirty and cluttered get bed bugs.

The reality is any home can get bed bugs. Bed bugs have been found in clean and dirty homes. Hoarding and clutter will increase the number of places where bed bugs can hide making it more difficult to control them.

Myth #3 You cannot see bed bugs.

Although Bed bugs are very small they can be seen with the naked eye.

Myth#4 If I find bite marks on my body I have bed bugs.

Other insect may bit resembling bed bug bites. Only the finding of live bed bugs and bed bug eggs confirms the presence of bed bugs

Myth #5 You have to throw away all your clothes and linen if they are infested.

All your clothing and linen should be washed and dried in high heat to get rid of bed bugs.

Myth #6 Bed bugs transmit and spread diseases.

Bed bugs have not been scientifically proven to transmit or spread diseases. You may have a reaction to bed bug bites or get an infection from scratching.

Myth #7 If I get bed bugs I have to get new bed furniture.

Bed bugs can be successfully treated saving your matters and furniture.

Myth #8 Bed bugs are only found in beds.

Bedbugs can be found anywhere in home people sit in, couches, chairs, wheel chairs even toilets. So it may require to treat most if not all your home if bed bugs are found there.

Myth #9 you can control bed bugs with foggers

Foggers can cause bed bugs to scatter and hide and will contaminate all your surfaces, food, cookware, medicine and can cause fires if pilots are left on or if electrical equipment are on when applied like fans or AC units.

Myth #10 You can control bed bugs with baseboard sprays alone.

One single product or procedure will not control a bed bug infestation, bed bug control requires an integrated pest management approach with includes inspection, heat, steam, vacuuming, dusts, natural products, mattress encasement, monitors, crack and crevice treatments, and follow ups.

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